<b>Hauled in coal, mired in 2G, tripped on track</b>

Hauled in coal, mired in 2G, tripped on track

$img_title(Organiser, 2.9.2012); It was rightly echoed in both the Houses of the Parliament that Koyale ki dalali mein saari Congress kali hai (The entire Congress is involved in the coal scam). Throughout the phase when the 2G plunder was on, the PM was in the loop. But  he remained silent and allowed the then Telecom Minister to deprive the national exchequer of Rs 1.76 lakh crore. Similarly, he closed his eyes to the loot that took place in the name of Commonwealth Games in 2010. We now hear from the Comptroller and Auditor General that the national exchequer was cheated of Rs 1.86 lakh core in the sale of coal blocks. The Coal Ministery was under Manmohan Singh’s direct charge for much of this period. The auditors have detected fraud in contracts in the power and the civil aviation sectors as well. The total loss to the exchequer in just these three sectors  during Manmohan Sigh’s stewardship of the  government is approximately Rs 38,00,00,00,00,000. How shall we  describe the conduct of the PM who has presided over this humongous scam? Detestable? Ignominious?

Archana Sharma, Flat No. 5, Deep Vatika, Ratanlal Nagar, Kanpur

Subduing Hindus Sonia way (Organiser, 10.6.2012); This  is with reference to Dr Gautam Sen’s article ‘Subduing  Hindus Sonia way’ in Organiser. The unprecedented calamity that Hindus of Indian sub-continent are facing is one of the debilitating  side-effect of the killer medicine  called  ‘secularism’ being administered forcefully on Hindus.  In any case of rape, abduction or kidnapping the victim is helpless and criminal runs  the show. In Indian sub-continent, Hindus are the helpless  victims and  anti-Hindu criminals in the guise of Secularists / Leftists / Liberals are running the show in the Hindu slaughter house of Indian sub-continent  to please the Islamists. When  a chicken dish does not taste good,  nobody  blames the butcher. They blame the easy targets, either cook or chicken itself. Secularism in India has the same philosophy. When Hindus are butchered ruthlessly, secularists don't blame the butchers. They  blame the Hindus because that is the safe way. Blaming the butcher is not safe, because  butcher has the knife. Muslims hate secularism in Muslim countries, but they love it in India, because secularism in India means Islamism. Because of non-violent nature of Hindus, it is easier for anti-Hindu forces  to confuse and condition the Hindu mind by using the word secularim instead of using the word Islamism. In Saudi Arabia  and many other  Islamic countries, when   Muslim terrorists are  captured, they are  summarily beheaded or executed promptly on the same day  without wasting any time in   court trials or any other nonsense. But in  Hindu India, terrorists are rewarded with  basketfull of  secular-goodies  and accolades, so that terrorists feel  happy about their heinous  act and enjoys their  life safely in the Hindu land.  Look at the high class  and expensive treatments given to  the terrorists like  Kasabs and Afzal Gurus  in Hindu India. Under the  Hindu rule, Indian sub-continent  was a great civilisation. Under the Islamic rule,  Indian sub-continent  became a battle field . Under the secular rule, Indian sub-continent has become  a killing field.

Roshan  Sridhar, USA,

 email:by temight@yahoo.com

Metro halted to build illegal mosque (Organiser, 29.7.2012); We welcome the orders of Delhi High Court to  allow the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to remove illegal construction at the purported excavated mosque site near the historic Jama Masjid. A special bench of acting Chief Justice AK Sikri, Justice SK Kaul and Justice Rajiv Shakdher asked the ASI to implement its order dated July 19 in which it directed North Delhi Municipal Corporation to remove the unauthorised construction within 15 days, Since Subhash Park falls within the restricted zone of two protected heritage sites—Sunehri Masjid and Red Fort —any construction in the area  would require the  permission from the National Monuments Authority. The ASI should begin its task in right earnest with all technical assistance to verify the position at site, which they should take possession of. The court has rightly said that construction at the excavated site was illegal under the provisions of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act.  I feel the court  was right to put a stop on construction work at the site at Subhash Park and asked the ASI to investigate if the Akbarabadi Masjid, whose ruins were being claimed to have been found there, did exist or not.

RAHUL MATHUR, email: rahulmathur46@hotmail.com

Bangla Muslim infiltrators attack Bodo villages, torch houses, hamlets (Organiser, 5.8.2012); This  refer to the front page news ‘Bangla Muslim infiltrators attack Bodo villages, torch house, hamlets’and some more  write-ups on this issue in Organiser. After reducing Hindus from 30 per cent in 1947 to below 7 per cent now, Muslims from  Bangladesh are attacking Hindus/Bodos in our own homeland and making  Hindus, refugees in Assam. Root cause of  this is the local Muslims living in India as its citizens, who mix-up with  their Muslim brothers from  Bangladesh, and make it rather difficult to detect and deport them. Congress leaders and its allies, who win elections with the help of Muslim vote-bank, help these Muslim infiltrators to get ration cards and Indian citizenship to further increase their Muslim vote-bank. These Muslims are offered all types of favours and appeasement on communal lines. Thus Congress leadership being sure of Muslim vote-bank, indulges in all type of corruptions and black money and play with the security of India. That is why, the Congress led government is not much bothered about the ‘Fasts’and ‘Demonstrations’by Swamy Ramdev and Anna Hazare. Thus Muslim vote-bank is responsible not only for attacks on Hindu/Bodos in Assam and else where, but also for corruption, black money and various other problems. VHP President Dr  Pravin Togadia has urged President Pranab Mukherjee to immediately deport Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators. As explained above, this is not practicable, nor it is going to solve the root cause of the problem, as local Muslims would always help their  Muslim brothers from Bangladesh. Dr BR Ambedkar had very correctly observed in his book Pakistan or Partition of India on page 325, that “Islam can never allow a true Muslim to adopt India as his motherland and regard a Hindu as his kith and kin.” The fact is that India was meant to be the homeland  for the Hindus and non-Muslims, just as Pakistan is homeland for the Muslims. But Gandhi, Nehru, Sardar Patel and all Congress leaders cheated the Hindus and made India a Dharamshala or an ‘Inn’, where Muslims enjoy more powers than Hindus. Unless this wrong is undone, and India is made homeland for the Hindus and non-Muslims, no problem could be solved.

Anand Prakash, 72/Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

For UPA phone is more important than food The government’s  plan for providing free mobile phones to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) families indicates the lopsided priorities of the government. It makes no sense to spend crores of rupees on such instruments when millions go hungry and we do not even have funds for building  adequate storage facilities that will allow us to prevent wastage  of food. The government  would be well advised to refrain from such wasteful spending  and use the funds for more useful programmes. Moreover the cost of the scheme  will only steadily go up over the years, like the fertilizer  and food subsidies and become  a burden on the exchequer.


Good news for sparrows The once ubiquitous Chidiya (Sparrow) has finally got its due. The sparrow which  suddenly got disappeared from our houses has finally got the recognition. Though the recognition has been rather late in coming, but the Delhi government’s  decision to accord the humble sparrow the status of a ‘State Bird’ is a welcome move. The government’s elaborate conservation campaign ‘Rise of the Sparrows’ will hopefully go a long way in providing impetus to  the efforts made by the NGO’s and ornithologists who were until now fighting a losing battle. The house sparrow was listed under the least concern category by the International  Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). Now, with the pressure of scientists and vast disappearance of these birds,  the IUCN has declared it endangered. It is on the Red Data List of threatened species.

Raminder Singh, B-224, Naraina Industrial Area, Delhi

President speaks the language of Congress In his address to the nation on the eve of Independence Day, it seemed that President Pranab Mukherjee was speaking on behalf of Congress and not as first citizen of India. President Mukherjee’s address to the nation on the eve of Independence Day has  belied the hope that he would leave his political baggage outside the door of the Rashtrapati Bhavan. He has spoken the very language of the Congress Party and the UPA government in indirectly hitting on the recent movements of Team Anna and Baba Ramdev against corruption and black money. He asserted that Legislation cannot be wrenched away from the Legislature. But the best part is that neither Baba Ramdev nor Team Anna has ever challenged the legislature’s rights. They just  demanded from the Parliament to enact legislation for a strong Lokpal Bill and return of black money and that too through peaceful and democratic manner. Peaceful protest is the democratic right of the citizens, hope Mr Mukherjee knows this well. Mr Mukherjee is now President of  India and should act in such a way so that  the people and the nation gets benefitted and not just one party, i.e. Congress.

Mahesh Chandra Sharma, E-198, Panki, Kanpur

Man made problems in Assam This  refers to  Saroj Kumar Mehra’s letter dated 2.8.12 in Kolkata edition of Statesman.The letter appears to be incomplete about Sylhet district’s inclusion in Pakistan since Indian Independence Act 1947 clearly stated the division of two provinces only------Bengal and Punjab. It is due to conspiracy of a section of anti-Bengali leadership of Assam that Sylhet was given to Pakistan which Pundit Nehru did not stop. In this connection one must know that Sardar Patel was strongly in favour of inclusion of Chittagong Hill district in India where all the people were non-Muslims and who fought to get the district included in Indian Union. But Patel failed. This is one part of history. For another part one must go through ‘Perspective’ of Kuldip Nayar published on the same day in this newspaper. Shri Nayar writes, “The Congress itself encouraged it (infiltration) in 1950s to increase it’s vote tally. Then Congress President Dev Kant Barua told me that the party would import Ali(Muslim) to win the poll." This history of infiltration is old and very interesting. Md. Sadulla was made premier of Assam to teach the Congress for non-cooperation with  the then Viceroy in pre-Independence era. The premier started Islamising Assam on the plea to grow more food in Assam by importing lakhs of Muslim farmers mainly from the district of Maymansing since the Assamese were generally Hindus as there was never any Muslim rule in Assam unlike other parts of India. These Muslim farmers were known as neo-Assamese. The then British Governor of Assam made a remark to Sadulla that  along with the growth of more food you are growing Muslims also.Immediately after Partition of India the refugees started coming in Assam. These neo-Assamese were utilised to drive out the local Hindu Bengali’s from Assam Valley. Many Hindus had to leave Assam. These riots were known as ‘Bangal Kheda Andolan’. Now these neo-Assamese together with ‘Alis’ are in majority in many areas of Assam including the Bodo tribal area. Bodos want to get back their land. We are awaiting for another part of history since the Assamese are being threatened in their land.

AMARNATH BHATTACHARJEE, Madhyamgram, Kolkata: 700 129

India’s poor show in London Olympics Though India has achieved its biggest ever Olympic haul  of six medals, it needs  to be realised that we won medals only in individual events.No team of India got any medal. Secondly London Olympics went by without a single gold medal for India and, by extension, without our National Anthem being played. India’s record haul of two silver and four bronze medals is no cause for celebration. A nation of 120 crore plus people cannot be without a wealth  of young  talent with the  potential to win more Olympic medals. But they are not identified and nurtured. Given India’s socio-economic conditions, many a talent wilts before it blooms into a world-class sports star for want of nurture. There are no short-cuts to sporting glory.  As the world’s second most populous  country, we can be proud of nothing less than, ten gold medals or a slot among top  five nations.  

Sudhir Gupta, Delhi

For most Indians ‘Independence Day’ is just a holiday On August 15, 2012, we celebrated our 65th Independence Day. But most of us feel awkward to call ourselves Indians and many of us even fail to understand the significance of this day. Prominent leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Shahid Bhagat Singh, Lokmanya Tilak, Subas Chandra Bose, Lala Lajpat Rai, Chandrashekar Azad, Dr Annie Besant, Sarojini Naidu and many others have played a vital role in gaining independence for India. But today’s youths don’t even understand the meaning of freedom and take it for granted. Maybe many of them had never had to undergo the harships faced by these leaders. Today Independence Day is nothing more than a holiday as youths just hang out with their friends.  Even today, we seldom stand united and instead choose to recognise ourselves on the basis of our caste, religion, etc. Instead of addressing ourselves as Indians first we proudly claim that we belong to a particular community. On January 26, 1950, the Indian Constitution was framed and we pledged that we would remain united irrespective of our background or religion. But 62 years later, we find ourselves in a democracy killed by selfish and self-centred political parties and their leaders that promote their people. Such acts will adversely affect the unity of the nation. Selfish attitudes of some people have broken and distorted the unity of the nation. Power-hungry political parties and criminals are dividing the people on the basis of caste, creed and religion. They are indulging in vote bank politics which affects the development of the country. British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill who in the year, 1947, had opposed to granting freedom to India had made this statement, “Power will go into the hands of rascals, rogues and freebooters, and all Indian leaders will be of low caliber and men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power and India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air and water would be taxed in India.” At that time, many in India were aghast with this statement. But today, however, we have to admit that Winston Churchill was not wrong. Even today’s social activist, Anna Hazare has the same thing to say, i.e. Corruption rules India.

JUBEL D’CRUZ, Dombivili, Mumbai

Declare financial emergency at once During  the eight  years tenure of Congress led UPA government at the Centre, nation is in a great-financial crises. National wealth has been plundered by the politicians, Industrialists cine actors, evaded their direct tax on large scale. Billions  of the black money has been kept in Swiss Bank. Government  of eminent economist PM had promised to bring down the prices of essential commodities in a span of 100 days from the date of power taken over by it. but even after lapse of 1,100 days prices shoot  up. In the regime of Congress government once prices go up they never come down. Great scientist Sir Newton’s Law of gravitation has been proved wrong by our rulers. Corruption has become rampant in  all fields. Common man like us have become desparate following sky rocketing prices of essential commodities. It has become difficult for them to meet both the  ends and to survive. The peasants are unable to repay their loans obtained from banks and moneylenders. Consequently they have been committing suicide. Inspire of 65 years of Independence half of the Indian population is below poverty line. The employees of government and semi government organistions are demanding hike in their salary and bonus, on the other hand no care is being taken for staff of unorganised sector. The value of the Indian currency is impairing day by day. To purchase 1(one) USA dollar Indians will have to pay more than Rs 56. It may further go up. On the other hand nation is also facing big threat form  Pakistan’s fake Indian currency racket which has indulged in destabilising Indian economy for the last-several years.  The fiscal policy of the nation is on the very  of bankruptcy. Under these circumstances the president of Indian can declare Financial Emergence as per provision of Article 360 of the Indian Constitution.

SRIDHAR V KULKARNI, Kalyan (West)-421 301 Maharashtra

Madam Sonia’s  temper  The country has seen what ‘temper’ Sonia Maino Gandhi can exhibit in the Parliament towards the tallest political leader in the  country,  Advaniji, The people can imagine what temper she uses against her partymen—tall and short and even allies seeking help. No wonder they tremble before her. Even other party men must be shaking in their shoes if they have to meet her! What a great foreign leader India has: India that  was Bharat! And will be Bharat again soon.

CBD Rao, 39, 15th Cross Road, Malleshwaram, Bengeluru- 560 003

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