Why PM is called ‘Underachiever’

Why PM is called ‘Underachiever’

Why PM is called ‘Underachiever’ (Organiser, 29.7.2012); Is our press gagged or are they paid to give a rosy picture of the state of affairs in the country or have they turned a blind eye to our eminent economist’s eight years  of disastrous  record which has brought him “laurels” by a foreign magazine as an “underachiever”. Our internationally reputed economist helped by a planning expert who teaches the aam admi to live on Rs 32 and the Italian brain all have joined hands to drag the country into a quicksand not realising that it is just impossible to extricate this country of ours at this juncture. Our media refuses to be transparent and impartial while regional papers are coming out with the naked truth of our sickening economic  scenario, widening the gap between the richest and the rest. Our PM is not only the underachiever but a collective of underachievers in  the  Cabinet which has no guts to come out with the true state of affairs and are trying to hide like the camel with its head in the sand. Isn’t the gap between the rich and the poor embarrassing the government, utterly disregarding the sufferings of the poor and middle class? Why not the PM and his tribe come out with the bold statement  that they have failed to live up to the expectations and aspirations of the people  of Bharat? Why is the PM afraid to come out of the shadow of the Italian Sutradharini and take decisions by himself? Have our government  understood the inequality that has crept into our society? Has our eminent economist during his long tenure of eight years sat down and figured out what ails our country? Why people  are complaining? Why has our production fallen to a dismal percentage? With the government involved in scams and scandals how will our PM be able to bring to book the perpetrators when they are inside and around him? I agree things have been allowed to go down the hill. It is not too late if steps of trust, efficiency and incorruptibility are built soon otherwise we will slide down into an abyss. Will the people of Bharat wake-up and take the right decision to put an honest and sincere and trustworthy set of people in the next elections? Where have all the clean people gone? Will it end up like searching for a needle in a haystack?!! The Congress party with a puppet PM at the helm of affairs the leash held by an Italian has proved a disaster. No surprise our Prime Minister has been called as an underachiever by  a foreign magazine.

Shanta Dyuthikar, 39, 15th Cross,                                   Malleshwaram, Bengaluru-3

BJP should declare its Prime Ministerial candidate There is lot of confusion and controversy in the media, as to who would be the Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP/NDA after the next Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2014. Sometime back, it also came on one TV channel, that  as per RSS, Shri LK Advani and Shri Murali Manohar Joshi would not fight next elections, due  to age factor. There is also allegation against Shri Advani about his statement on Jinnah  during  his trip to Pakistan, and RSS is unhappy as quoting Jinnah’s  statement was to prove him as secular. In my openion, in Indian tradition and culture, more age invites respect. It is said, that no body bothers about the son, so long as the father is alive. In Mahabharat war also, Bhishma Pitamaha the oldest man was given the highest position, and Dronacharya, the second oldest man second status. Keeping in view, the health and mental fitness of Advaiji there is no reason to  sidetrack him, Perhaps he is keeping better health  than many other younger generation leaders. Again, he command a status  equal to that of Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee, and after Vajpayeeji, he certainly deserves to be given his position as number one in the BJP. All this controversy and confusion, being exploited by BJP’s opponents, would end the moment if Shri Advani is declared as Prime Ministerial candidate. As regards Advaniji’s statement in Pakistan, about Jinnah, it was diplomatically a very wise and opportune statement, to tell to the Pakistani people, that they were not following Jinnah. It was meant for the people of Pakistan, and not for India. Quoting Dr Hedgewar, Gowalkar or Gandhi in Pakistan would have been foolish. Certainly he did the correct thing. 

Anand Prakash, 72/Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

Muslim League hijacks Kerala government (Organiser, 8.7.2012); This is with reference to the front page article ‘With Sonia Congress blessings Muslim League hijacks Kerala Government’. After going  through the article I am getting confused that whether CM of Kerala Oommen Chandy is a leader from the   Congress or IUML? Very shamefully he is a Congress leader but behaving like slave of IUML. The schools run by Muslim communal political organisation like IUML which is responsible for tragic Partition of India should be immediately banned but instead of that Congress is toiling to extend government’s aid to it? This  is plain treason. Ironically even few Congress leaders are also opposing this unilateral and personal decision of CM Chandy. Nair Service Society (NSS) and Sree Narayana Dharma Paripala Yogam (SNDP) have planned to struggle in this  matter. I pray their struggle to save Kerala from being Islamised  should succeed. RSS, BJP and CPM are also opposing Chandy this will deter Chandy to continue his slavery of Pan-Islamic forces and playing foul game with the electorate. There are thousands of temples  and maths in Kerala. I wish all this ready-made infrastructure be put into action against Islamisation of State by UDF. I really pity inaction  by religious leaders who are simply ignoring this sort of attacks on our Hindu community. Religion if separated from politics will ruin religion and when mixed with politics will lead to  theocracies. Hindus political backwardness resulted  in 1947 Partition and now promoting  many more Islamic and Christian theocracies. Hope Hindu societys would realise this otherwise  development and upliftment will mean for Muslims and  Christians only. The way Malabar is Islamised, entire Kerala would be Islamised in the coming days. I congratulate Organiser for raising voice against communal traitors.

Pramod Prabhakar Valsangkar,

Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad-500 060

Combat conversion We Hindus wail and weep over the conversion of the Hindus into Islam and Christianity but  never do anything to stop such conversions. The Hindus have become an easy prey to conversion because Hinduism is defined as a way of life. Some scholars say there is no such thing as Hindu religion. It is because of this there is confusion in Hinduism. For that matter even Islam, Christianity, communism are also a way of life. Even atheism is a way of life; Hindus are negatively defined as all those who are not Muslims and Christians;  Hindus are treated as  pagans and kafirs who need urgent conversion. In Hinduism each caste has different version of Hinduism; The orthodox live in his shell “touch-me-not-ism” and “I-am-pure” syndrome; Caste is not just a physical symptom but it is a psychological symptom. It is skin deep; If caste persist, Hinduism will die. The greatest hurdle in expansion of Hinduism is caste; Hindu elites ought to provide role model to aam Hindu. If they fail in the role they will send a wrong signal to the aam Hindu; Christianity and Islam treat Hinduism as animistic and pantheistic. This  should be rebutted by the Hindu scholars. There  is no unity in the Hindu scriptures. There is no unity of Hindu mind and consequently there is no unity on the physical plane. The crucial question is defining Hindu and Hinduism. We are still squabbling over caste and language while the Christians and Muslims missionaries are making hay while the sun shines. Come friends! Let us fight conversion and save Hinduism.

K Damodar Reddy, 9-6-365, Maruthinagar, Hyderabad-500 079

Hindus should unite to save their identity I feel that the condition of Hindus is deteriorating at a very rapid speed because there is lack of unity among the Hindus. If Hindus want to save themselves from the atrocities which are being committed on them by other religious groups especially Muslims and Christians, Hindus must unity globally. Hindu unity will awaken the soul of India and bring back the spirituality and wisdom of our ancient rishies removing corruption and immorality from its very root making India Jagadguru-i.e. world leader. It will also enlighten humanity. In essence Hindu unity is world unity, world peace, world prosperity and world harmony because a Hindu believes in Vasundhaiva Kutumbakam i.e. the whole world is one family and Sarveshamavirodhen i.e. it has no confrontation with anybody in the world. Jai Hindu unity.

ANANDSHANKAR PANDYA, 273/283, Kalpataru Horizon, Tower- A, S.K.Ahire Marg, Mumbai-400 018

Why a U-turn in Sarabjit case It is unfortunate that  the Pakistan government took  a U-turn on its announcement of releasing Sarabjit  Singh, who has been locked up in a jail in Pakistan  for around  22 years and announced that it will release another  Indian prisoner, Surjeet Singh, instead. It seems that the Pakistan Army put  pressure on Asif Ali Zardari government  to change  its decisions. This incident has proved once again that in Pakistan, the army  is more  powerful than the democratically elected government. I can’t understand why can’t  India  and Pakistan have a treaty for exchange  of sentenced persons? There are many cross-border prisoners in India and Pakistan, who have served jail terms or are jailed for lengthy periods on flimsy grounds. Clearly the Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh is a victim of this.  The inability of India and Pakistan to workout an arrangement to ensure repatriation of each other’s  citizen is baffling.


Congress should define first  General Secretary of the Congress Party garrulous Digvijay Singh has challenged the BJP to define the definition of Hindutva. Before challenging others he himself  and his Congress Party must define the definition of  the term ‘Secular’. Then only his arch political rival BJP will certainly give response to his challenge. Constitution of India came into force on January 26, 1950. That time  nothing was mentioned in it about the term secular which was subsequently incorporated in it by the Congress government. Even after lapse of prolonged period Congress Party has not bothered to define the term ‘Secular’. Hindutva is not religion. It is a way of life as admitted by the Supreme Court. Diggi Raja has to take a little bit trouble to go through the verdict of apex court for his satisfaction.

SRIDHAR V KULKARNI, Kalyan (West)-421 301

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