<b>Turn your handwriting into a font</b>

Turn your handwriting into a font

Anoop Verma

$img_titleThe word processor that we have in our computer comes with the usual set of fonts, but there are a lot of other interesting fonts that you can download for free. If you are into designing work, the handwritten fonts can be quite useful. In fact, it is possible for you to turn your own handwriting into a custom font. Once this custom font has been installed in your computer, whatever you type will appear on the word processor in the form of your handwriting. You can even use the system to create handwriting fonts in Hindi or any other Indian language.

There are a number of font conversion services available on Internet; one of the best choices is MyScriptFont, which does not cost anything and works quite nicely.


Point your browser to http://www.myscriptfont.com/. In the middle of the homepage you will find the section that says, “Fill out the template.” Below it there is the link from where you can download the template. You can download in JPG, TIFF or PNG templates and the file size is less than 2 MB. The template has space demarcated for all the letters of English alphabet in capital and small letters. Print the template and on the printed sheet you have to fill out all the letters in your own handwriting with a medium-thick black felt pen.

You have to ensure that you do not write on the inner auxiliary lines. Once you are done with writing, you can scan the template in greyscale with 300 dpi. Upload the scanned image by clicking on the upload button. After that you have to choose the name of your font and also select the font type. In this you have three choices – True Type Font (TTF), Open Type Font (OTF) and SVG Font. You would probably want to pick up TTF, as it is compatible with most of the popular word processors that we use. Click on the send button, the font conversion is instantaneous.

The website will give you a link, from where you can download the custom font and install it in your word processor.


This is another good way of converting your handwriting into a custom font. However, the service out here is not free. It will cost you around Rs 600 to create a custom font through Fontifier. But many users prefer to spend money at Fontifier as the custom font created at this place is considered to be more authentic replica of the handwriting. The homepage (http://www. fontifier.com/template.html) is pretty descriptive of the ways by which you can create, a custom font based on your handwriting. The seven steps are listed in the middle of the homepage.

In step one, you print the template, and in step two, you fill out the alphabets in your own handwriting. The template is designed to fit on an A4 page when printed at 100 percent. The step three has you scanning the template, and in step four you upload the scanned image to the website for creating your own custom font. In step five you can preview the custom font for free, and if you like it, you can pay for it through web based funds transfer systems. In step six you download the font and step seven you install it to your word processor.

Fontifier only creates a True Type Font (TTF), which is compatible with most word processors. The service at Fontifier can also be used to create fonts using pictures and symbols, or anything else that may strike your imagination. For instance, you could create a font based on pictures from your recent vacation. Or you can use it to create a custom font that is based on
a child’s handwriting. With MyScriptFont as well as Fontifier, you can develop fonts that have the power of making you quite well educated in the world of lettering and design.

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