<b>Throw the interlocutors’ report into dustbin</b>

Throw the interlocutors’ report into dustbin

VHP’s Governing Council meeting in Ghaziabad

$img_titleThe Governing Council of Vishwa Hindu Parishad that met in Ghaziabad from June 28 and 29 described the Interlocutors’ Report on J&K as a ‘dishonest document, which will worsen the problem of secessionism and terrorism in the Valley. “This is a dishonest report, prepared by a group of dishonest people, to whom the job was entrusted by a dishonest government. It is a fraud on the nation. The report should be thrown into dustbin immediately,” the VHP said in a resolution.

In another resolution, the VHP said no attempt to disturb the Amarnath Yatra will succeed. It warned the J&K Governor not to join the conspiracies to disturb the Yatra. The VHP also demanded immediate reconstitution of Baba Amarnath Shrine Board as over 70 per cent of its employees are non-Hindus, who have no faith in Baba Amarnath.

The five day meeting began on June 26. About 300 delegates from all over the country attended it. The meeting also adopted resolutions on Sri Ram temple, Muslim reservation and discussed in detail various other issues concerning the nation. The meeting was presided over by Valmiki saint Shri Viveknath Acharya.              


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