Deport Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators save Assam

Deport Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators save Assam


VHP urges President Pranab Mukherjee
undefinedTHE Vishwa Hindu Parishad urged the President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee to immediately form a Tribunal to deport all Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators from Assam and also from other states of India to prevent further ethnic cleansing of Bharat’s own citizens.

In a letter written by VHP working president Dr Pravin Togadia on July 26, the VHP also demanded immediate compensation of minimum Rs 7,00,000 for those died and Rs 4,00,000 to those who got injured in the attacks over the years and now staying in relief camps. The VHP also demanded rebuilding the houses of the victims at the same place where they lived. “These facilities should be given only to the local tribes, other Hindus and non-Muslims,” the VHP emphasised in the letter. The copy of letter has also been sent to the Prime Minister, Union Home Minister, the Supreme Court of India, the Chief Minister of Assam, office of Human Rights – United Nations, New York and New Delhi and the Leader of Opposition, Lok Sabha.

In the letter the VHP said the Tribunal to be formed to deport Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators should have members from the Army, those retired and served most part in Assam so that they are well aware of the situation there, the socio-cultural experts to understand the importance of original tribes in Bharat and the legal experts to give justice to all the tribes who have been facing attacks by Bangladeshis. “This Tribunal also should set the deadline for time as to until when the Bangladeshi Infiltrators will be deported fully without getting into the ploy that they have voter ID so they are Bharat’s citizens because for vote bank, many have been given such documents which otherwise are given to Bharat’s other citizens with much verifications,” the letter said.
     The letter also said that just like the authorities ignored first, then neglected and then manipulated the ethnic cleansing in Kashmir done by Pakistan supported separatist groups, the Assam’s systematic ethnic cleansing of local tribes, other Hindus and other Non-Muslims is being ignored by the authorities knowing fully well that the happenings in Assam are the systematic efforts of Bangladesh helped by jehadi elements to create Greater Bangladesh and socio-politically occupy Assam and many parts of North Eastern Bharat. “Kashmir situation has gone out of control and now Assam too going the same direction. Unfortunately, the citizens of Bharat are made into minority there by the invading Bangladeshi infiltrators,” the letter added.
The letter said that Bangladeshi infiltrators settled in Assam with the help of local politicians who have been using this large group as their vote bank. Therefore, the ethnic cleansing by these infiltrators is although not directly state sponsored in a technical terms, but it has a socio-political blessing of those who win based on these votes.
     “Despite continued blasts, other jehadi attacks by terrorist groups and the systematic Pak/Bangladesh sponsored activities like burning big habitats of local tribes, hoisting Pak/Bangladesh flags, reducing local population to minority by directly killing them and also by adding more to Bangladeshi Muslim population there by continued illegal influx, both Union Government and the state Government of Assam have been claiming that there have been no hand of Bangladesh in Assam violence. This is not mere violence between two groups like Bodo and Muslims as both the Governments are trying to project. (this refers to the statement given by the Union Home Secretary and also by the CM of Assam on July 26, 2012 that there had not been any hand of Bangladesh in violence in Assam). This is a systematic Ethnic Cleansing of local age-old tribes and other citizens of Bharat as it happened in Kashmir during partition and around 1990. Similarly, the Government was in denial about Kashmir regarding Pakistan’s hand in Kashmir Ethnic Cleansing. Today, Pakistan has been responsible for umpteen jehadi attacks in and on Bharat where many innocent lives are lost almost daily in Kashmir and in other parts and this is now the official Government stand. Therefore, Mr. President, without wasting much time – already it is late -   you in your capacity as the Constitutional Head of the nation and as the 1st Citizen of Bharat, need to immediately intervene in Assam situation to stop ethnic cleansing of local tribes and other original citizens of Bharat there,” the letter said.    

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