<B>Regulate outward FDI flow</B>

Regulate outward FDI flow


Regulate outward FDI flow (Organiser, 1.7.2012); This is in reference to the article ‘Regulate outward FDI flow’ in Organiser. Towards the end of the article the writer, Shri Bharat Jhunjhunwala, writes: “Pliny, a historian of ancient Rome, writes that Indian traders contributed much to the collapse of the Roman Empire.” And, the quote goes on to talk disparagingly about the traders and exports of classical India. Please allow me to point out that Pliny, both the elder and the younger, belong to the first and early second century AD, a period which is regarded as the zenith of the Roman Empire. It was the time of the famed "Pax Romana". The collapse of the Empire occurred in the fifth century AD. Therefore, it is impossible for either Pliny to speculate about the causes of the future collapse. Pliny, as a faithful savant of the Empire, was indeed worried about the negative balance of trade with India and the consequent draining of the Empire of precious metals. There could not have been any thought at that stage of even the likelihood of the collapse of the Empire. The quote is certainly inauthentic. With all due respect to Shri Bharat Jhunjhunwala, I may state that his articles carry references to classical India and classical Indian texts, which are generally critical and often inauthentic, based as these are on either hearsay or peculiar interpretations of the texts. He often tends to imply that he, and perhaps modern India in general, knows better than the classical India and classical texts. This supercilious attitude is of course common to nearly the whole of the intellectual class of India today. We live in an India which is probably at the nadir of her glory, power, prestige and prosperity, yet we, the intellectuals of this emasculated India, often claim to know better and more than the classical India and the high intellect of those times. This attitude needs to be carefully rethought.

Dr JK Bajaj, Centre for Policy Studies

A game of power, money and blackmail (Organiser, 1.7.2012); I feel that the President should not be reduced to being just a symbolic figurehead. A non-political person with an impeccable character, integrity, probity in public life, besides loving knowledge of law and the Constitution would do justice to this constitutional post. The importance of the president’s office can be understood from the fact that President needs to give his consent to a Bill to become law. The need of the hour is for the political parties to reach a concensus on a nominee who can enhance the country’s  image and prestige.

HP Murali, Bengaluru

Cartoonist is a sniper, shoots at social and political hypocrisy (Organiser, 17.6.2012); The recent furore in the Parliament over a carton in a NCERT textbook reflects the immaturity of the political class rather than their insecurity. Ironically, cartoons by their very nature are not meant to be taken seriously as they often portray the flip side of life and tend to be irreverent. It also shows that our politicians are guided by their own perceptions and not by the reality around them. The reflex response of the government to delete the cartoon and revise all textbooks is not at all in the interest of education. It will only highten the curiosity of children to see the cartoon and look for the hidden message the politicians ascribes to it, defeating the broader perspective that the cartoon depicted and conveyed to children.


Subversion of India by its rulers (Organiser, 27.5.2012), This is with reference to the front page article ‘Subversion of India by its rulers’ by Dr Gautam Sen in Organiser. At the out set I would like to congratulate Organiser for alerting slumbering patriots that not only East Bengal but also West Bengal is being Islamised by our Islamically secular politicians in power i.e. UPA. I really wonder why these communists in India who are not born to Muslim fathers are so keenly interested in Islamisation their State (WB), also Manmohan Singh, Sonia Miano and a majority of Congress and UPA leaders are not born to Muslim fathers but they are so keen to Islamise entire India? American agency CIA and Pakistani agency ISI are as usual active all over India and also in West Bengal and their modus operandi is to promote Islam or Christianity as is suitable to the circumstances in the name of promotion of ‘Human Rights’. In India any suffering by Hindus is not taken as violation of ‘Human Rights’ ex. Killing of Hindus in Kashmir, etc. but any minor suffering of Muslims or Christians is blown out of proportion through media and canvassed effectively as violation of ‘Human Rights’. This problem has become so serious that even when Islamic terrorists are killed in action it is taken as violation of ‘Human Rights’ as if terrorism promotes ‘Human Rights’ and Army is booked for offences and is demoralised. Your article reveals that Saudi Arabia on behalf of Pakistan and Bangladesh (Pan Islamic forces) is directly indulging in purchasing political parties and individual politicians in West Bengal as well as across India (ex Mulayam Singh has sold himself and his political party to these Pan Islamists). All this is a dangerous symptom imported by power thirsty Congress. The table showing percentage of growing Muslim concentration in the article under the heading “The Count down has began” is alarming. The table is dated 2001, by now the concentration might had reached dangerous level. Under such  pathetic conditions the only ray of hope is BJP. I had been time and again calling on all the patriots irrespective of their religious back ground to take to streets to pull down Congress and its allies in each coming election and finally uprooting it from Centre and giving political power to patriotic BJP so as to save the nation from being sold to Pan-Islamic and Pan Christian forces. Apart from others, patriotic forces in West Bengal should toil to unite and save their land. Even Trinamul Congress, is also a puppet of Pan-Islamists just like their earlier Leftist. So nation can not expect any patriotism from Trinamul also.

Suhasini PRAMOD VALSANGKAR, Dwarakapuram, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad-60  

A request for converting Organiser into magazine Some time back I had requested Bharat Prakashan (Delhi) Ltd to convert Organiser Weekly from tabloid form to magazine, just like Kesari (a pro-Sangh paper  of Kerala or India Today. A magazine with interesting articles and better display would attract more readers. Being the oldest authentic weekly which is in its 64th year of publication, Organiser urgently needs a change to capture the market.

CLN Swamy, Chelakkara, Kerala

VHP warns stir against Muslim quota (Organiser, 24.6.2012) This refers to the news in Organiser, that the Central Government is to challenge to Andhra High Court order, which has quashed 4.5 per cent quota for Muslims, as reservation on religious basis was against the Constitution. It is unconstitutional because, India was divided in 1947 on the basis of religion, with Pakistan as homeland for the Muslims and truncated India as homeland for the Hindus, including Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, etc. It is a historical fact, that Muslim League started with demand for reservation and quota for the Muslims, which ultimately ended in creation of Pakistan. Now Congress is following the footprints of Muslim League, and has decided to go to the Supreme Court for reservation and quota for the Muslims, fully knowing that it is not only unconstitional, but also against the national interests. Here it would be worth noting, that Pakistan (West Pakistan) and Bangladesh (East Pakistan), both have expelled almost entire Hindu and Sikh population, and their population has been reduced from 25 per cent to only about one per cent in Pakistan, and from 30 per cent to less than 7 per cent in Bangladesh. It would have been quite logical and reasonable, to expel the Muslims from truncated India also, as it was homeland for the Hindus, just as Pakistan is homeland for the Muslims, as clearly mentioned by Jinnah and British authorities several times before creation of Pakistan. In my opinion, BJP and RSS should expose the misdeeds of Congress and its leaders, Gandhi, Nehru, etc. and place the historical facts before the public. Congress should be renamed as Muslim League-II as it is working like agent of Pakistan and Muslim League.

ANAND PRAKASH, 72/Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

Stop blame game, attend vital issues There is little doubt that instead of indulging in the usual rhetoric of blaming Opposition and civil society for every evil in the country, the government must immediately take bold steps to ensure speedy economic revival which would check rising prices. It must stem the all-prevailing corruption and restore the growing trust deficit—especially between the Centre and all Opposition ruled states. Infact, it would add to the credibility and the stature of the UPA government if it pays attention to the vital issues that have been raised by Team Anna, Baba Ramdev and the BJP. In the larger national interest and especially in view of the uncertain global economy, this should be accepted as a timely warning and wake-up call to our political masters to institute necessary remedial measures.

GOVIND by Email

Unnecessary fiddling with educational set-up Political interference in the educational sector in general and higher educational institutions in particular would only bring down the standards which had been painstakingly built over a prolonged period of time. The new common entrance exam for undergraduate engineering courses has drawn considerable flak from all around. One cannot understand the urgency that motivated the HRD Ministry to bring in the new format when the present mode seems to be working well. The political class should avoid ranking up unnecessary matters which deflect attention from the real issues in the educational sector. Education should be best left in the safe hand of academicians who are best equipped to enhance the standands. If Sibbal wants to come in the news there are other constructive things which he can do rather than to unnecessary interfere in the present smooth ongoing of the educational setup.

ARCHANA SHARMA, Flat No. 5. Deep Vatika, Ratanlal Nagar, Kanpur (UP)

No bungalow please Sachin Tendulkar’s decision of not taking the possession of the government bungalow in New Delhi allotted to him saying that he would not like to waste taxpayer’s money is a logical decision and shows the concern the cricketer has towards his country. Infact he has also decided to pay for his own stay in the capital. The bungalow meant for Sachin can now be allotted to some one who needs it more than him. Sachin has rightly said that being nominated as the Rajya Sabha MP matters more than the perks and the previliges. I would say that this act of Sachin should set a precedent for all those who are entitled to government accommodation. If all our so-called patriotic leaders also show such motivation there is no reason why our country cannot successfully emerge as a developed nation. Some may call this act of Sachin as a commonplace gimmick but truly it is a political sixer.

MAHESH CHANDRA SHARMA, E-198, Panki, Kanpur  

Find out the reasons for national shame Just by calling the ‘Hunger and Malnutrition Report’ by the Prime Minister as ‘national  shame’, will not solve the problem. As an eminent economist he should analyse  and find out the reasons for this national shame. Manmohan Singh also knows it well that there is corruption that prevails in government departments which has led to a situation where children are undernourished despite the many schemes that have been implemented by the government with huge outlays of funds. The money is siphoned off by vested elements to line their pockets while the intended beneficiaries i.e. the children are deprived.


Karnataka Cow Bill—2010 It is deplorable that Karnataka Government has reverted back the Karnataka Cow Bill-2010 received from Rastrapati Bhavan,without deleting the word “Buffalao” in its content,without following the directives of President of India. Basically we must understand the contributions of cow and its progeny that it renders to the mankind in supporting eco-cycle, agricultural movement, medicinal value,since ages. We have been reaping its various benefits all under one roof from generations and we owe to this animal species for the present India of what it is today. Obviously we comply that cow and its progeny are our country’s culture and due to the virtues of its quality, it cannot be equated to any other animal, be it a goat, sheep, horse and most important it cannot be equated to even a “Buffalo”.  When the Bill is in the name of “Cow”, we prefer it should be passed including only cow and its progeny. We should understand that a majority class of people in our state consume non-veg. foods and hence it may not be wise enough to recommend a ban on slaughter of other animals also apart from cow and its progeny. Hence it is not fair for certain religious communities to dictate a ban on even other animals especially ‘Buffalao’ also and equate it to cow and its progeny. Though buffalo is also utilised in agriculture, but its percentage is meagre and ineffective as compared to cow. Buffalo is only declared a full-flegded agrarian animal and not on any principles or philosophy of any religion/caste. We, the cow activists of Karnataka appeal to Karnataka Government and President of India to delete the word “Buffalo” from ‘Karnataka Cow Bill-2010’ and provide assent to it.

SETURAM ASPARI, E-mail: asparam@rediffmail.com

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