<b>Exposing the Pak perfidy</b>

Exposing the Pak perfidy

undefinedExposing the Pak perfidy (Organiser, 8.7.2012); The pearls of wisdom, a string of blatant lies woven by the advisor to the Pak President Rehman Malik regarding terrorist Jundal should make us hang our heads in shame. Malik said- “India failed to control its citizens; the terrorist was caught in India; we are proud of the ISI, ISI is defending Pakistan.” Unpredictable, unreliable and mercurial neighbour of ours about whom our government is ignobly ignorant makes us shudder at what would happen to the peace loving Hindus in the coming years. To add fuel to the fire the Sarbjeet fiasco perpetrated and planned by Pakistan and our government believing its veracity makes us all the more suspicious. The credit worthiness of our pussilaminous political leaders at the helm of affairs in Delhi has lost the trust and confidence of the people. Cataloguing information about Muslims, close watch on Muslim groups and their activities and on immigrant Muslims who cross into our country and information about extremists have to be closely monitored for terrorists are not limited to border and boundaries. If these measures are not taken seriously by our government and continue to give the benefit of doubt to every terrorist incident, our government will not be a working one but a crippled set of people guiding the nation to the brink of disaster. Teddy Roosevelt’s advice should be heeded—“Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Otherwise we have to listen to the pearls of wisdom strewn willy-nilly at us by clever Rehman Malik.

SHANTA DYUTHIKAR, 39 15th Cross, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru-3

All evidences support the temple in Ayodhya (Organiser, 20.5.2012); Shakil Ahmed has expressed his doubts in his letter titled ‘All evidences support the temple in Ayodhya’ in Organiser. He opines unless the temple was dug out, the mosque could not have been built. But now as it appears after excavation on Allahabad’s High Court order, the three doms structure was adjusted on the remnants of the temple after destruction. That is why a huge three doms structure could be pulled down in just six to seven hours and along with this a number of small idols of Hindu gods also fell down, which are preserved there. Secondly Shakil Ahmed trys to justify the three doms structure without minarets as mosque, as these are there in Bengal and Bangladesh. But the moot point here is that Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar had been under the influence of Turko-Afghan culture, and Babar’s Army chief after destroying the temple constructed a unique structure of three doms without minarets. How is it? Were there no Imams or Islamic scholars to guide the construction? Therefore, we feel it was not a mosque at all. Tactically Deobandis, Barelvies, Imam Bukhari will claim it was a mosque. If today they are asked to construct a mosque with three doms and no minarets will they agree? No, and never. So hear lies the doubt. Therefore Allahabad High Court allowed discussion on only one point i.e. whether remnant of temple exists in the earth beneath the doms? For this experts were called from Japan with their equipments to identify the place for digging. The court nominated Hindus and Muslims in equal numbers, as court representatives, archeological experts, excavation labour, and security guards. Apart from this the lawyers of both the litigant parties also watched the proceedings. Their report contained the testimony of mother earth which all the three judges unanimously agreed about the remains of temple under the central dom. No point was raised from lawyers of Muslim Personal Law Board about ‘Ram’ written there by some one in Telgu after-wards as doubted by Shakil Ahmed. As such Shakil Ahmed’s point, that Muslims have been praying before 1949 does not hold good. As it was not a mosque for-3 doms above and a temple below. Historian opine Sri Ram’s birth ten thousand years ago. When the birth was in Tretayug then how can they trace the history of birth ten thousand years back to confirm their opinion. Moreover historians have no reach to Tretayug, so what they say is not correct.

HS MEHTANI, 89/7 East Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi-110 026

Easy divorce law faces strong protests in Parliament (Organiser, 20.5.2012); This refers to discussion in the Rajya Sabha on the Bill for ‘Easy divorce’ mentioned in Organiser. All the Honourable Members of Rajya Sabha expressed their views, opposing easy divorce, and it is a fact that no body marries for getting divorce. In Hindu tradition and culture, there is no term or word equivalent to divorce, as it was never prevalent in ancient India. It was so, because of very high moral and ethical values of Hindu tradition. Firstly, a secular government has no right to interfere with the social and cultural values of the Hindus only. Marriage has also religious sanctity and social obligation, and laws made by a so-called secular government for the Hindus only amounts to interference in our religious affairs. Even Britishers gave full respect to Hindu tradition, while framing laws for the Hindus. In this respect Britishers were far better than Nehru and Congress leaders. The worst thing is that there is complete boycott of teachings of Hindu dharma, which is based on universal moral values. In the name of secularism, all good things are being ridiculed. Secondly, it has become a fashion to condemn practice of dowry, called “Stridhan” in ancient literature. In ancient times there was a practice of giving gifts at the time of marriage of the daughter and on various social occasions to the married daughters with manifestation of love and respect. It was never demanded, but given as a form of good wishes and prosperity in life. What is wrong in it? If a few people make demands, it must not be called dowry, but ‘Loot’, and be punished.

ANAND PRAKASH, 72/Sector-8, Panchkula- 134 103

No rationale for communal reservation (Organiser, 1.7.2012); The reservation policies of successive governments have created the most divisions in India. While free India’s first government might have been motivated to alleviate caste-inflicted discrimination to provide a more level playing field, the quote policy was given a five-year term to be extended only if absolutely necessary. Today dicrimination exists in reservations wherein merit is ignored on caste and political grounds and economically deprived sections are refused a chance for not falling in the reserved category. This bodes ill for progress and growth. Governments must end caste-based reservation and provide economic subsidies to encourage genuine talent from all economic strata.

SARIT SAGAR, Besant Nagar, Chennai

Maoists are nation’s enemies, crush them (Organiser, 15.7.2012); The brazen manner in which Maoists are abducting politicians and bureaucrats and making the government give into their demands is a cause for concern. If anything, such actions only reinforce India’s soft state image. Moreover, Maoists are able to abduct people with impunity because their demands are being easily met by the government concerned. While intensifying counter insurgency operations may bring temporary relief for the government and security agencies, it won’t eradicate the root of the problem. Each successful act of kidnapping – and we have had several lately – encourages further outrages. Draconian laws have to be implemented or else India faces the prospect of becoming a failed state which by definition, is a state that has failed to maintain its monopoly over the use of force.


Mamata promises monthly stipend for imams (Organiser, 16.4.2012); I could not restrain from commenting on the news item ‘Mamata promises monthly stipend for imams’ in Organiser. Why grouse over it? I do not see it as a preposterous demand from Muslim community given their population and their clout in politics. They can demand reservation in jobs and political posts proportionate to their population and authorities will be forced to concede. Let us not forget the hard facts that Muslims constitute 24 per cent of Pachim Bangal population and no political party can ignore them. The fundamental question we should ask is about nature of Indian secularism and Muslim population explosion. Bengal was a hot bed of conversion and genesis for separate Muslim country, Pakistan.

K DAMODAR REDDY, 9-6-36S, Murthi Nagar, Hyderabad–79

Only UPA leaders know what they are celebrating (Organiser, 10.6.2012) The prime minister looks lost, his counsellors look askance and the allies are moving in different directions. The nation’s interest is nowhere visible in all this mess. Most of the gains of the UPA-I were mainly on account of the lagged impact of the NDA’s policies. The negative impact of policies of the UPA-II will be on the government which comes to power in 2014. Progress is all about systematic planning and implementation and there is no magic wand which can be switched on and off at will. It is time to reorder priorities and ensure that the nation’s interest always comes first.


Mentality of Pakistanis cannot change Recently I read an article ‘A is for Allah and B for bandook’ by Shri Balbir Punj in which he has written that right from the childhood, the litany of hatred, the elevation of violence as a religious need and the projection of India as the eternal enemy are injected into the psyche of the Pakistanis. In the schools alphabets are taught thus: ‘A’ for Allah, ‘B’ for bandook, ‘Te’ for takrao, ‘J’ for jihad, ‘H’ for hijab, ‘Kh’ for khanjar and ‘ze’ for zunoob. In class V textbook there are lessons telling students the need to understand Hindu-Muslim differences and the resultant need for Pakistan. The most important lesson for India, expecially after the 26/11 attacks and Pakistan’s consequent attempts to shield the perpetrators of that attack, is that bilateral relations have to be understood in the context of the fact that Pakistan is largely under the grib of a fascist, terrorist structure. Infact after 9/11 the world has become aware of Pakistan as a threat to global peace. It would be counter-productive to believe that a civilian regime in Islamabad could change the state’s character any more than military mullah combine.

ARCHANA SHARMA, Flat No 5, Deep Vatika, Ratanlal Nagar, Kanpur (UP)

BJP infighting in Karnataka must stop The scenario of present BJP infighting in Karnataka is very much deplorable, which has been since more than a year and apprehend will continue till the end of the term. I feel this act of their's is nothing but to divert the minds of the people to evade their reponsibilities and duties. There are many issues pending to be dealt right from drought, Cow Bill, various projects of the State water supply and sanitation, roads and highways, rail lines, together with another half a dozen of such issues. We apprehend that this political gimmick will continue till the end of the term and ultimately, they will raise their hands and blame the situations for not attending development works and ask the people to grant them another term to serve them.Such political gimmicks are the old wine in a new bottle,which is not a surprise and new to us. I would sugget them to unite together and throw the corrupt UPA-II, rather than to continue their infighting.

SETURAM ASPARI, Email: asparam@rediffmail.com

Simple victory of Dimple The victory of Dimple Yadav (wife of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav) was made simple by the Opposition parties by not putting their candidates in the byelection to the Lok Sabha from Kannauj constituency. The reason was also simple. Since there was apprehensive of forfeiting their security deposit if contested against Dimple Yadav. It is a clear indication of their frustration and loosing the confidence. Heartiest congratulations to Dimple Yadav.

SRIDHAR V KULKARNI, Tilak Chowk, Kalyan (West), 421 301 Maharashtra

Join hands to throw out UPA Way back Dr Subramanian Swamy then a professor at Harward wrote an article in the Blitz stating “It is in the interest of India that the Jan Sangh ( now BJP ) and the CPM  should unite (make a united front). The Soviet Union always misguided the Left that they must unite with the Congress to keep the BJP out of power  The Soviet Union further advised the Indian comrades to oppose Hindutava. This Soviet made formula was in the interest of the Soviet Union. Now that the Soviet Union is dead the Indian Left must throw away this formula and co-operate with the BJP. According to the Organiser dated April 22, 2012 the recently held Congress of CPM at Kozikod (Kerala) decided not to support the Congress in future and even to keep the BJP out of power. When both the Left and the BJP can jointly oppose the American Nuclear Treaty in the Parliament and when both organises bandhs against the UPA's policies—then why can’t they jointly uproot the UPA government. Sometime back  I saw a photo in the Tribune showing Sushma Swaraj and Brinda Karat talking sweetly with each other. If the two ladies can talk in this way why not their respective parties. It will be a tragedy if the Left and the BJP don’t co-operate with each other. We will have the same corrupt UPA (Manmohan Singh) government after the elections in 2014.

Amar Jit Singh Goraya, 30 Gillmartin Dr Griffith NSW, Australa-2680

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