<B>Can Communism be Indian?</B>

Can Communism be Indian?

$img_titleCan Communism be Indian? Anirban Ganguly’s articles in Organiser dated March 18 ‘The comrades and their sins!’ and April 8 ‘Political killings, genocide by CPM under Mamata’s lens’ gives a complete and vivid account of CPM’s rule in West Bengal for about 35 years. Today one is apt to think that why did Jyoti Basu migrated to India after country’s Partition based on two nations theory. He was fully power packed with the ideology of Marxism, which by that time had enchanted the whole world. He could have continued his peasants and workers fight against Americans, Capitalism, and CIA agents, etc. there in East Pakistan (Bangladesh) which he did in India. About 70 lakh Hindu migrants who had faced Islamic brutalities in East Pakistan, developed blind faith in Jyoti Basu due to unfortunately early demise of Dr Syama Prasad Mukherjee, NC Chatterjee and Dr BC Roy. The irony is that these migrants remained unconcerned with their Hindu brethrens left behind in East Pakistan. Jyoti Basu so-called a great messiah of poor never raised any voice in favour of poor Hindus, who were meek, oppressed and persecuted in East Pakistan. After 1971 war, when East Pakistan was freed from West Pakistan’s yoke with the help of Indian Armed Forces Sheikh Mujibur Rehman declared it a democratic state and new born country was named ‘Gana Prajatantriya Bangladesh’. But after four years Sheikh Mujibur Rehman with his family members was mercilessly assassinated by hard core Islamists and reign of power was usurped by the  army and the country was re-named ‘Islamic Republic of Bangladesh’. Smt Taslima Nasreen, in her controversial books perhaps highlighted the plight of Hindu minority in the hands of Jamaitees and Jehadis, met the hostile treatment and left the country in disgust due to no protection from the government. Here in India also she is uncomfortable and facing rough behaviour from Muslim communalists because of so-called secular’s compulsion of vote-bank. CPM had taken Muslim votes for granted till eternity. But now they have been fooled in Kerala and West Bengal. So it is high time for Hindu migrant from East Pakistan (the supporters of East Bengal club) to introspect and realise the reality. In Kozhikodi Gurdasgupta of CPM directed his party men to raise slogans like Vandemataram and Bharat mata ki jai. Here I would say that Dr R Balashankar, Editor, Organiser has a valid point “Can communism be Indian?” (Organiser, April 22) we do not know whether CPM will be the party of renegades or it is just a strategy. But still we have to wait and watch. If Gurdasgupta is really serious, he must start it from West Bengal to inspire his party workers with this patriotic song and frankly admit that nowhere in the world Muslims could be Marxists. That is why after Partition Jyoti Basu ran for his life to India as he was a Hindu.
89/7, East Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi-26
Indian Parliament discusses the plight of Hindus in Pakistan (Organiser, 3.6.2012); This refers to ‘Indian Parliament discusses the plight of Hindus in Pakistan’ in Organiser by V Shanmuganathan. It is good, that the BJP has taken up this issue in the Parliament. Infact, this problem is nothing new, and is going on since 1947, without any action by the Congress leadership ruling India. Here it may be pointed out, that percentage of the Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan (previously West Pakistan) was not just 15 per cent in 1947, as mentioned by Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi and Shri Balbir K Punj, but it was 25 per cent, and in East Pakistan now Bangladesh it was 30 per cent. Both these countries have practically eliminated entire Hindu and Sikh population. What to talk of other important Congress leaders, even Sardar Patel generally projected as pro-Hindu strongman, was no different from Gandhi and Nehru, etc. and was least bothered about the plight of the Hindus in Pakistan, where there was mass slaughter of the Hindus at that time on such a large scale, that there is no parallel in the world’s history. Here it would be quite revelant to mention only one example to prove my contention. Dr. Khare, a Hindu Mahasabha leader, asked in the Constituent Assembly, “Whether Government of India proposed to declare all Hindus and Sikhs residing in Pakistan as nationals of India, and claim their protection as such.” Sardar Patel in reply said that “No government could make any declaration on behalf of anyone.” (See The Tribune dated 9.12.1947). This clearly shows, that Patel had no feeling of sympathy for the dying Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan, for the protection of whom, he was morally and legally bound, as he along with other country leaders had accepted creation of Pakistan as a homeland exclusively meant for the Muslims of India. Now a stage has come, that Hindus are not able to protect themselves in their own homeland i.e. truncated India, and are being attacked and terrorised not only by the Muslims from Pakistan, but by the local Muslims, for whom Gandhi went on fast unto death. Britishers and Jinnah were more reasonable than Gandhi-Nehru as they accepted truncated India as homeland for the Hindus.

Anand Prakash, 72/ Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

UPA throws a petrol bomb on aam aadmi (Organiser, 3.6.2012); This is with reference to the front page article ‘UPA throws a petrol bomb on aam aadmi’, in Organiser by Aditya Pradhan. I remember very well when UPA-1 came to power the petrol rate was rupees 35 per litre but today it is above rupees 80 per litre. This shows the so-called true love and patriotism of the UPA government towards the country and the aam aadmi. Not only petrol but the prices of all the essential commodities have gone up tremendously making the life of common man miserable. Congress as such is very smart in giving speeches, making plans for  prosperity and preaching ethics, patriotism, and humanity, etc—but in reality is selling the nation to foreigners, exploiting common man purely for personal and political benefits. UPA wants power at the cost of the nation, humanity and democracy. Nothing is supreme for them except to remain in power.  Today they have thrown a ‘petrol bomb’, tomorrow they would raise the idea of ‘second Partition of truncated India’, if so required to remain in power. The only way is to pull them down from power in the coming parliamentary elections. The learned writer has correctly mentioned that the government is deliberately trying to raise the prices of vegetables to support its argument in favour of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the organised retail trade. One more valid point given in the article is that the crude oil prices in the international market have actually fallen by ten per cent. Under these favourable conditions if our government wants it can really reduce the increased price of the petrol. But UPA is not for India or Indians. It has other objective, i.e. to amass as much wealth as possible through price rising, taxes and mass corruption. In the same issue, the Editorial, ‘Pity those who voted the UPA’ has also openly condemned this petrol bomb blast and held the ruling coalition, UPA totally responsible for cooperating with oil mafia in the country against accepted rules of globalisation and market economy. I pray to the electorate to throw ‘Electorate Bomb’ on UPA and destroy it, before it completely destroys Bharat.

PRAMOD PRABHAKAR VALSANGKAR, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad-500 060

VHP warns stir against Muslim quota (Organiser, 24.6.2012); One more crocked trick of the Congress has failed. The recent Supreme Court’s stern admonition to the Congress led UPA government for rushing through a 4.5 per cent sub-quota for the minorities (read Muslims) within the existing 27 per cent reservations for other Backward classes in government jobs and educational institutions, does not come as a surprise. It was clear from the day one the government issued an order for the sub-quota on December 22, 2011, that the decision would run into a legal problem, since the Constitution does not provide for reservations on religious grounds. Infact the VHP President Dr Pravin Togadia has rightly said that the Union and the Stage governments should immediately withdrawn all types of quotas given to Muslims in any field like education, jobs, bank loans, etc. They also must immediately apologise to Bharat for such an unconstitutional vote-focussed decision forced on to Bharat depriving the real needy poor OBC’s, SCs, Tribals and open merit citizens of their rights to education, jobs, bank loans, etc. As compensation, this year, all Hindu tax payers should be given one per cent rebate in all tax payments and the expenses that have been incurred for such unconstitutional surveys and appeals in the courts should be recovered from the Muslims.

ARCHANA SHARMA, Flat No. 5, Deep Vatika, Ratanlal Nagar, Kanpur (UP)

Guruji's thoughts: Textual and Contextual (Organiser, 17.6.2012); Shri Gurumurthy’s fourth article on Guruji ‘Guruji's thoughts: Textual and Contextual’ in Organiser propounds a philosophy that can be all encompassing and universal to understand the maladies of the world past, present and future.  Just two ordinary words, text and context, are like a science formula of Newton or kaarya kaarna of Indian Darshan Shastra. It also goes beyond religion and grows to gigantic proportions as social tool for solving problems of life of those who are open minded and non-dogmatic.  These are worth preserving.

Venkatagiri, Bengaluru

Sheila’s government can’t even provide water What to talk of solving the major problems of aam aadmi in Delhi and despite of the fact that Delhiites pay the highest taxes, they are not even getting the basic facilities of life, i.e. water. Drenched in sweat and parched with thirst – this in nutshell the twice ordeal faced by the Delhiites as the capital reels under an acute water crisis while the scorching June sun beats down in all its fury. Infact Delhiites are being forced to pay rupees 3,000 for a tanker to keep their homehold going for a day. Can everyone afford this amount? Every summer it is the same story. Swathes of the city go dry, Delhi fights with Haryana and UP for more supplies but nothing really is done to see that the situation gets better the next year. I feel Delhi should make rain water harvesting compulsory for all buildings – commercial and residential. It may not fully solve Delhi’s water crisis, but certainly mitigate the problem. If cities like Chennai and Hyderabad can make rain water harvesting compulsory, why can’t Delhi?

MAMATA SWARUP, F-6, South Extension, New Delhi  

White Paper on black money conceals the essential and reveals the non-essential I think it would not be wrong in saying that the Union Government’s much awaited White Paper on black money  by the Union Minister for Finance Pranab Mukherjee in the Lok Sabha is a big disappointment. Many had expected that the report would contain actual names and exact figures. Yet neither does the document list those names that have illegally parked their money abroad nor does it give an accurate estimate of the amount of black money that has been generated in the country or stashed away in tax havens. Infact the report barely offers any information at all. Instead, it provides background material on black money—how it is generated and why it is put away in foreign countries. The report only confirms the government’s failure to contain the growth of black money. No wonder the White Paper has been criticised by the Opposition as one that conceals the essential and reveals the non-essential.

JAGDEV SINGH, Gurdaspur, Punjab

Baseless allegations Recently Union Minister V Narayanaswamy alleged that foreign forces are supporting Team Anna. This was followed by the Union Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs Vayalar Ravi who accused US based groups of funding the anti-corruption movement. I personally feel that instead of accusing the members of Team Anna and spreading rumours about the Team, the government should check its corrupt ministers and officials, since accusing will not help the government’s case at all. Further even if there is some allegations against Team Anna, the government should come up with concrete proofs if at all, against Team Anna and should not get involved in rumours.


UPA-2: A catastrophe Though the UPA-2 has completed three years in office a majority of people would say that the performance of Manmohan Singh regime has been below average. The government has been struck with policy paralysis and monumental scams.  It has failed to tackle the issue of black money, the Lokpal legislation, the declining economy and many more crucial matters. Manmohan Singh has become a lame duck Prime Minister who does not have any authority. The government has also failed to effectively tackle the rising menace of Maoism across the country. Our defence preparedness is in a mess if one believes the various statements of senior serving and retired Armed Forces officeres. To top it all, the UPA has got into a skirmish with Army Chief General VK Singh, who has pointed out to various deficiencies in our defence preparedness and to the scams that are prevalent in the purchase of material for defence forces.


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