<b>Why hound eminence?</b>

Why hound eminence?

$img_titleWhy hound eminence? (Organiser, 10.6.2012); This is with reference to Shina NC’s article ‘Why hound eminence?’ in Organiser. Gentleman’s game of cricket has been shamed by the series of scandals hitting the Indian Premier League. Shah Rukh Khan’s brawl has injured the spirit of the game and his fracas with cricket officials, security guards and policemen has brought further disrepute to it. Shah Rukh Khan may be an iconic figure for cinegoers, but he is not above the law. Being a celebrity does not mean he has the right to create a ruckus in a public place and that too involving security personnel. Infact he should appreciate the fact that the security agency was doing its duty instead of crying foul. What the security personnel did was just to stop the children from going to the field where the match was being played. Since Shah Rukh Khan was tense regarding whether his team would win or not, he lost his cool and started shouting at the security personnel which was just an act of stupidity. I totally agree with the views of  Shaina NC that “when a ‘better known’ personality is up against a ‘lesser known’, the lesser known inevitably becames the better known, and not vice versa.”

Archana Sharma, Ratanlal Nagar, Kanpur

Is Pakistan a trustworthy neighbour (Organiser, 20.5.2012); This refers to the article, ‘Is Pakistan a trustworthy neighbour’ by MV Kamath in Organiser. The answer is ‘No’, not at all,  Never, as long as Pakistan exists. Why? Because  Pakistan was born out of mistrust and was  fathered by negative forces. Those negative forces are still at work, full speed and overtime, to dismember India and destroy it from inside with the help of anti-India forces. If Pakistanis were so religiously  fanatic, not to trust their own motherland, then they don't deserve the trust and goodwill of anybody. They better deal with their own inevitable and sure destruction. Even the hardcore Muslim terrorists, who  survive because of Pakistan, don't trust  Pakistan a bit, their own co-religionist country. That's why they kill so many Pakistanis everyday to punish them. Pakistan is a wasteland of 175 millions perishing souls, never to be born again. Pakistan is a fanatic  Muslim country and does not want to see Hindu  India existing and progressing.  Pakistanis are so fanatically oriented  that they treat  Muslim terrorists, who kill them by the hundreds everyday, much better than they treat Hindu India. In the eyes of Pakistan, a Muslim criminal is million times better than a Hindu saint. If Muslim Pakistan was as big as Hindu  India and Hindu India was the size of Pakistan, I am sure, Hindu India would have been attacked, captured, enslaved, destroyed and decimated  from the face of this earth, long time ago just like they have done to Hindus in Pakistan. India's pseudo-secularists treat Pakistan as a good neighbour with an eye on Muslim votes in India, but Pakistan is not that foolish and  naive. Pakistan treats India as a Hindu country, hence an enemy. No amount of goodwill by India  can remove that Pakistani  mindset. Pakistan is a cancerous growth. What good a killer  cancer can do to the body?  Nothing. Just kill.

Roshan Sridhar bytemight@yahoo.com

Medical College exclusively for Muslims in West Bengal (Organiser, 13.5.2012); This refers to the news in Organiser dated 13.5.2012, that ‘Mamata proposes Medical College exclusively for Muslims in West Bengal’ and honorarium of Rs. 2,500/- to imams and Siddiqulla instigating Muslims. Let us study parallel case of Punjab, as both Punjab and Bengal were partitioned in 1947, along with Partition of India on the basis of Hindus (including Sikhs) and Muslims. In Punjab Master Tara Singh a wise and courageous Sikh leader, forced the Congress government for complete ‘Exchange of Population’ between West Punjab and East Punjab (present Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh), and an agreement was signed at Lahore on September 5, 1947, between the Government of India and Government of Pakistan. Master Tara Singh took all the pains for its speedy implementation, as Mahatma Gandhi was creating hurdles. Therefore East Punjab became practically Muslim-less in 1947 itself. It may be pointed out, that no Hindu leader in Punjab or from outside helped Master Tara Singh in his efforts for exchange of population. I am sure, that, if there had been about 10 to 15 per cent Sikhs, spread throughout India, Master Tara Singh would have ensured complete exchange of population on all India basis. Since there were no Sikhs in Bengal, and there was no wise and courageous Hindu leader like Master Tara Singh, no exchange of population took place, between West Bengal and East Bengal (now Bangladesh). The result is that Hindus have been expelled from East Bengal/Bangladesh, at the same time Muslims have increased steadily in West Bengal also, just like in all other states. Dr BR Ambedkar had advised the Hindus to accept Pakistan with complete exchange of population, in their own interest. This he advised in his book Thoughts on Pakistan written in 1940, and its revised edition in 1946 named Pakistan or Partition of India. If we do not do it now, Hindus should be prepared for West Bengal like situation in whole of India. The only solution is complete exchange of population.

Anand Prakash, 72/S, Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

Focus on unity, poll readyness (Organiser, 3.6.2012); Shri Narendra Modi seems to have filled the power vacuum that was created in the BJP after the exit of Shri AB Vajpayee. At the party’s national executive meet which took place in Mumbai Shri Modi proved that he has the ability to take independent decisions. I personally feel that Modi deserves to be the country’s next Prime Minister. This visionary leader who has gifted Gujarat with tremendous economic and agricultural growth and stability and made it a terrorist free State can also bring to all of India speedy economic and fabulous growth in all the sectors. This fact is largely accepted by a majority of Indians and even by people abroad.

Mahesn Chandra Sharma, E-198, Panki, Kanpur

Celebrating IPL victory at State expense It refers to huge wasteful expenditure of public money and heavy loss of manpower by the West Bengal government in celebrating victory of a private cricket team in privately sponsored IPL cricket matches, only because the winning team Kolkata Knight Riders is owned by a super-rich cine-star and was named after State-capital Kolkata! Is it fair on part of Mamata Banerjee representing herself as poorest of the poor State? Should political rulers be allowed to take decisions only on basis of their own personal choice? It has become a fashion of political rulers especially in states to spend heavily from public-exchequers and other State resources (like land, etc) in giving heavy awards to super-rich cricketers playing for BCCI which claims it to be solely a private organisation. It is socially unfair too to give such heavy State awards in tune of crores of rupees to each of the cricketer who in themselves are mines of money earned from cricket through advertisements, match-fees and awards declared by the BCCI itself. Ironically winning-stars in other sports have to literally beg for petty cash-awards for their bright performance. It is unfair and against humanity to make super-rich even extra richer at State-expense in a country where farmers commit suicides because of poverty. Supreme Court and Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India should take cognizance of such partial and socially unjust biased favour towards cricketers that too when they represent a private BCCI and not India as nation.

MADHU AGRAWAL, adhuagrawal1951@gmail.com

First declare national  language and religion One of the most unfortunate and highly objectionable thing is that even ofter  a lapse of 65 years of Independence our ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ does not have its own national language and national religion like other nations are having. General impression and wrong  notions are being created that Hindi is a national language which is far from the truth as it has got no constitutional  status. When Pt Nehru was PM since then three language formula has been accepted by the GoI viz Hindi is an official language, English is a link language and third one is regional language. Instead of making  unnecessary debates, Indian government should immediately declare its national  language and national religion as that of other nations in the globe.

Sridhar V Kulkarni, Kalyan (West): 421 301

Are we diluting democracy? Speak out India is a NewsX Special show which focuses on the main news event of the day. Recently it focussed on the news of CD controversy of Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi. Amid reports about a sex CD involving him, Abhishek Singhvi has been kept away from party briefings. The Delhi High Court has recently restrained a media house from publishing, telecasting and broadcasting the contents of a CD pertaining to Singhvi, who is also a leading advocate. Any move to telecast the alleged CD would infringe the right to reputation of Singhvi, the plea of the High Court had said. So here we ask—Are increasing controls on media diluting democracy?

Sudhir Srinivasan, asudhirkumar@gami.com

Devaluation of Indian Rupee It appears that the coterie around Sonia Gandhi is endeavouring to make Indian rupee equivalent to or even less than Pakistani rupee versus dollar so that they can make India-Pakistan do business. Manmohan Singh earlier used to devalue rupee every now and then whenever he is in power since 1991.

MAHENDRA POPATLAL SHAH, Blackie House, 1st Floor, 103 WH Marg, OPP. GPO, Fort, Mumbai-1

UPA succumbs to the pressure of Maoists The  abduction of government officials and foreigners has become a common tactic employed by Maoists over the years, yet government have not been able to come up with any hostage policy to tackle such cases. Instead they are willing to succumb to the demands of the Maoists every now and then. The recent kidnappings of an Italian national, a BJD legislator and an IAS official are some of the examples of how Maoists have brought government on its knees. Knowtowing to the ways of Maoists who have mercilessly murdered numerous people at will, it is an insult to the security personnel who have laid down their lives fighting these rebels. Also, there is a lot of talk about the IAS officer’s abduction but what about his two bodyguards who were killed on duty by the Maoists protecting him.

Hanit Chauhan, by  Email

Practice what you preach It is ridiculous on the prime minister’s part to host a lavish dinner party for all UPA 2 members to mark the government’s third anniversary while requesting the general public to practice austerity. The government used the tax payer’s money for this. The prime minister could have practiced what he preached by organising a simple tea party instead of a plush buffet at a time when the aam aadmi is facing economic crises.

Bighnaraj Patel, Odisha

Energy revolution in Gujarat Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi has done a great job in cleaning the path for energy revolution. Our country is suffering from a scarcity of resources and energy. If the UPA government doesn’t have anything constructive to do till 2014, it can at least work to provide basic amenities such as water and electricity, the shortage of which has hit everybody across the country. Power supply is the basic amenity like food, clothing, shelter and security. I hope the Centre and other State governments will wake-up and walk on the path shown by Shri Modi.

Pramod Nair, Cochin  

Correction In the story ‘Denial of accreditation to Organiser speaks of a repressive mindset’ published in Organiser dated 3.6.2012 it has been wrongly mentioned that ‘Kalanetra Parikrama’ is a publication. Actually it is a news agency. The error is regretted.

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