Forced conversion and kidnapping of Hindu girls in Sindh, Pakistan

Indian Parliament discusses the plight of Hindus in Pakistan

PM, FM, HM fail in their duty

V Shanmuganathan

Recently, in separate incidents, three Hindu girls in Sindh province were reportedly abducted, forcibly converted to Islam and married off against their will to Muslim men. Hindus living in Pakistan are not only facing undue harassment, their cultural, religious and human rights are also being openly violated. The BJP Parliamentary Party discussed the plight of Hindus in Pakistan, which has forced many of them to flee to India, and the party decided to demand a debate on the issue in both Houses to impress upon the government to take up the matter seriously.
On 2.5.2012 during zero hour Dr Murli Manohar Joshi raised the issue concerning the Hindus in Pakistan. He spoke about the reported violation of Human Rights in respect of Hindus in Pakistan, particularly in Sindh. Then the same issue concerning the plight of Hindus in Pakistan was taken in Rajya Sabha. Minister of External Affairs Shri Krishna said that he will personally convey the concerns of the house and the people of India on the attacks.
This has become a very important aspect of deliberations in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha because talking frankly about the problems of Hindus are considered as communal. Due to this atmosphere many MPs don’t raise the real problems of Hindus at all. The following report of discussion in Indian Parliament becomes an important event during this session.
Dr Murli Manohar Joshi spoke in Lok Sabha about forced conversion and kidnapping of Hindu girls in Sindh, Pakistan.
This is an issue of cultural and Human Rights
$img_title“The kind of incidents taking place in our neigbouring country Pakistan are complete violation of Human and cultural rights of Hindus. I feel sad that our Prime Minister did not raise this issue when he met the President of Pakistan. Our Foreign Minister also did not raise this issue. And the current situation in Pakistan is that young Hindu girls are abducted and forcibly converted to Islam. Even after the court’s order they are not given protection. There young Hindu girls are identified and kidnapped and then raped and forcibly converted to Islam. More than 400 Hindu families have migrated from Sindh to India in the last 10 months. It is unfortunate that Home Ministry and Ministry of external affairs are completely silent on the issue and are not taking it seriously. When Ministry of External Affairs was asked about it they said that it is Pakistan’s internal matter. Issue of human and cultural rights is not an internal matter.”
“It is laughable that people of Delhi are not aware, how many Hindus have come here as refugees from Pakistan. Home Minister is sitting here. These Hindus have not migrated on account of smuggling. They have come here for the protection of their cultural and human rights and because of the atrocities of Pakistan authorities. We should not forget that Pakistan is a Theocratic state. That is why minorities are being tortured there.  We have very big and strong Human Rights Commission in our country and we cannot tolerate these atrocities on Hindus. But all this is happening in our neighbourhood and the government is silent on the subject. When they come here they complain that they had faith on the Indian government they will protect their cultural and human rights but this government is betraying us and it is not protecting us. This news is circulating in the papers for so many days but no action has been taken for the protection of Hindus in Pakistan. I want to know from the government when Pakistan President visited India was this issue raised before him. This is a serious question? What message we are giving to our countrymen? What message we are giving to International community? Are we telling the World that India is not willing to fight for the cultural and human rights of the Hindus in the World? We have always been advocating for the safety of human and cultural rights but what is happening to Pakistani Hindus is genocide. Hindus are being forced to evacuate Pakistan simply because their culture is different from Muslims. Finally they will come to India because they cannot go anywhere else. They cannot go to Arabian Sea neither to Afghanistan. What is the duty of Indian Prime Minister, Foreign and Home Minister? India wants an answer to this.Will you give protection to them? Will you speak to Pakistan’s government to stop all such atrocities on Hindus? Will you raise this issue at International Human Rights Commission? Will you give assurance to Indians that any religion originating from India will be protected?”
“I want to remind you that when India was divided we advised Hindus to stay back in Pakistan and as the Indian government is here to protect them. During that period 15 per cent Hindus were there but now it has come down to 2 per cent. What is all this? For how long will we tolerate this type of cultural genocide? We want to know from the Central Government what is their policy on the subject? What protection are they planning for these helpless families? This genocide of cultural rights, an invasion of a particular religion and culture by a government through deliberate policy? Can you accept all this? We cannot accept. Therefore we demand from Prime Minister, Foreign and Home Minister to assure the nation what steps will they take to avoid repetition of any such atrocities on Hindus in future. This is not a communal issue but of cultural and human rights for which India only can take responsibility to safeguard them. I feel sad that Indian government kept quiet for so long and did not raise its voice over the plight of these unfortunate Indians. Is it crime that they are Hindus?”
The same issue was taken in Rajya Sabha. Some of the members of Rajya Sabha spoke about the problem in depth.
Call the Commissioner of Pakistan and ask what is happening there?
$img_titleShri Husain Dalwai (Cong): Today, whatever is happening in Pakistan is not only serous but also against the humanity. This is the situation that women are not safe there. Girls are taken and are married forcibly. They are converted. That is why many of non Muslim families are migrating in India. After migration in India those who live in camps, their condition is very bad. But our Government do not pay proper attention towards them. Commissioner of Pakistan should be called and be asked as to what is happening there?
The Hindu here is liberal. He stands with us. The people know that justice is here. I think that the Government should strongly tell that if it is not stopped, we would raise this question on International Forum.
All Party delegation of MPs should go to Pakistan
$img_titleShri Avinash Rai Khanna: Atrocities are being made against minorities in Pakistan. They are forced to accept Islam. They have to give ransom to be alive. Girls of minority community are kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam. After that they are married to Muslim man. On opposition they are threatened to kill. Human Rights are being violated in Pakistan but it is a matter of sorrow that there is no reaction from the Government of India. I would like to say that an all-party delegation should go to Pakistan and see how minorities are being treated there. They should be encouraged and assured that India is with them. Rules of giving citizenship should be simplified and the victims of atrocities in Pakistan who come to India should be cordially treated.
Protection and Safety of Minorities and their rights in Pakistan
$img_titleThe External Affairs Minister (Shri SM Krishna): There is an imperative need for us to live as good neighbours. That is possible only when Pakistan subscribe to this concept of ‘good neighbourly, relationship’. There is nothing like one handed clap. It is imperative for Pakistan to fulfill its commitment of not allowing its territory to be controlled or to be used for fomenting terrorism against India. In the last few years, it has come to our notice, that forces which are hostile, going scot-free in Pakistan and carrying on a hate-India-campaign. We have conveyed to Pakistan that this is not going to help in bettering India-Pakistan relations. Treatment of minorities in Pakistan is a matter of grave concern to the people of India. We have also seen the reports of encroachment of places of religious worship in Pakistan. It is the responsibility of the Government of Pakistan to discharge its Constitutional obligations towards its citizens including those from the minority community. The Government have understood the sense of the House. When I take up the issue of protection and safety of the minorities and their rights. I can certainly take up the question of religious places and its plights in Pakistan also.

Give citizenship to Hindu Refugees

$img_titleShri Balbir K Punj: In 1947 when we got independence, country was divided in two parts and this Partition was based on religion. Pakistan declared itself as an Islamic nation, but we did not do that. We adopted a secular Constitution and we are proud that system of democratic and secular Constitution is doing well for the last 65 years. In 1947 the population of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan was 15 per cent and in the census of 1951 it was 11 and 12 per cent.
Today the number of 11-12 per cent Hindus and Sikhs has come down to 1.4 or 1.5. Hindus and Sikhs were insulted and forced to take refuge in India and they were forcibly converted. The official report of national Human Rights Commission of Pakistan contains that every month 25-30 such cases appear in Government record that Hindu girls are taken forcibly. After that they are converted and are married forcibly. They are made Muslim. The judges are also afraid there. This House and Parliament avoid to discuss the human rights of Hindus in Pakistan. People, who came from there, were managed but today we don’t care for the people who were left there believing leaders of this country. There cannot be bigger deception than this. The Hon. Minister should assure that visa would be issued to the refugees, Hindus coming from Pakistan without any difficulty. The Hindus who want to take refuge here should immediately be given citizenship of India.

Sunday, 03, June 2012
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