Subversion of India by its rulers

Foreign powers funding NGOs to foment trouble

Dr Gautam Sen

$img_titleThe activities of NGOs in India have prompted concern recently, but they have become so firmly ensconced in its society and body politic that they are virtually impossible to curb. Indeed it may possibly be surmised they now collectively wield more power than India’s political elite and wider civil society. Many of these NGOs are operated by foreign governments, disguised as religious organisations and charities (usually Christian in origin) supposedly alleviating poverty.

In fact, they are actively subverting politicians, bureaucrats and journalists. India’s national and local media has been so seriously subverted as well by illicit foreign money that they are essentially a suborned comprador class, actively promoting the agenda of intelligence agencies, principally the US CIA and the Pakistani ISI. Some of them seem to have no difficulty sustaining huge losses each year while obsessing over fictitious human rights violations of minorities and determinedly refusing to acknowledge that Hindus ever suffer the slightest wrong-doing by others.

The money deployed for sedition in India is lodged in Singapore and Gulf bank accounts and to a lesser extent Switzerland, where greater scrutiny has become a deterrent to illegal account holders. Alternatively, it enters India directly through poorly monitored official channels and as illegal hawala transactions. Indian corporates engaged in business in the Gulf and Saudi Arabia are also critical agents, making official and unofficial donations to political parties and others in India on behalf of their Saudi and Pakistani patrons, as a condition of winning contracts. The most shocking revelation from a senior official is the reluctance of India’s major political parties to allow full investigation of Hasan Ali Khan’s criminal activities since they have all been beneficiaries of his massive financial malpractice.

In the context of the dire situation in West Bengal, a senior Kolkata intelligence official confirmed what a highly placed Indian banker in the Gulf, who looks after investments of local ruling families, communicated recently. According to this influential bank chief executive, a tsunami of Arab money is funding West Bengal politics, instigated by Saudi Arabia on behalf of co-religionists in Bangladesh and Pakistan. He suggests active coordination by Bangladeshi and Pakistani intelligence officials and funding emanating from semi-official Saudi sources to purchase political parties and individual politicians in West Bengal as well as across India. The Kolkata intelligence official reveals that one Leftist party, established in the late 1930s, has been pretty much purchased outright by a jute manufacturer with suspect international connections. And the banker hinted that his sources indicate that there is a Chinese input into regular meetings being held in Riyadh and Doha. They too have cause to wish India harm and their cooperation with the ISI is regular and methodical.

It is well known that Pakistanis never ceased to crave paying India back for the loss of its eastern province in 1971 and continue to nurture Khalistani aspirations for independence. They have apparently made common cause with Islamic jihadis in Bangladesh, with discreet official connivance, to create an Islamic hinterland within West Bengal. Their perception is that Hindus can be expelled from Muslim-majority areas along the border and indeed any other location in West Bengal where they are in a minority, including huge swathes of Kolkata itself. Suspiciously liberal finance seems available for the purchase of real estate by Muslim buyers that is changing the pattern of property ownership and the demography of cities like Kolkata.  These areas have become quasi-independent enclaves, where the government does not attempt to exercise administrative authority and the police are hesitant to enter and in fact local politicians forbid them from doing so. 

Muslim militants only need to engage in persistent harassment of Hindus, disruption of their religious festivals, abduction of girls and women and land seizures, with the aid of forged legal documents issued by their own religious authorities (e.g. pertaining to inheritance). West Bengal state governments turn a blind eye to cow slaughter and the wilful desecration of Hindu temples.  Of course local political officials of major parties are usually on the payroll of Muslim organisations and mosques in receipt of official Saudi-Pakistani funding, in guises like religious education (the relative of a senior CPM politician of my acquaintance was stunned when she accidentally discovered a single donation of US $ 50 million). And West Bengal’s largest political parties also receive significant funds through various ostensibly innocuous sources, especially Indian corporates with commercial relationships in Gulf countries. As a quid pro quo, they refuse to react to attacks on Hindus in West Bengal, which informed observers estimate exceed 30,000 each month.

The Islamic vision is to eventually detach West Bengal altogether from the Indian Union, which was of course the goal of Mohammed Ali Jinnah and the notorious Bose brothers, Sarat and Subhas and still enjoys the support of their execrable NRI kin. Indeed both Assam and Bengal are on the radar of Islamic expansionism and experiencing similar massive infiltration, in the expectation of creating an insurmountable de facto reality on the ground. The situation in Assam is especially serious, despite the historic alacrity of its leaders in abandoning Sylhet to Pakistan, in the hope of reducing its Bengali-speaking population. But its people oppose demographic swamping of their region by illegal Muslim migrants unlike West Bengal, which apparently prefers Islamic rule to the Indian Union. Proponents of establishing a Caliphate are not immediately concerned with formal sovereignty although that remains the final goal. The existence of autonomous, Muslim communities living under Shariah coda suffices for them in the interim.

One major part of their campaign has been to destroy the Bengali Hindu bhadrolok class, the bedrock of its modern society and culture. Its gradual physical expulsion from West Bengal and cultural decimation over forty years was achieved on their behalf by the villainous leftists, amazingly mostly refugees who had fled murderous pogroms in East Pakistan. And the fate of West Bengal politics and economy is dictated by the rural Muslim vote, as the recent Trinamul Congress victory demonstrated and the refusal to acquire land, cultivated by the Muslim peasantry, for industrial development highlights.  The supposed welfare of the Muslim peasantry has obsessed Bengali politicians and its intelligentsia, to the exclusion of most other concerns, for generations. Quite absurdly, even the mass killings and widespread rape of women in Noakhali in 1946 are unfailingly portrayed by Leftist, Bengali Hindu scholars as revolt against oppressive Hindu landlords although official records corroborate that they were retaliation for prior communal clashes in Kolkata. Shockingly, a scion of the Bose family has denied that much worse atrocities were committed by the Pakistani soldiery during 1971 in East Pakistan, although such criminality by Islamic Ghazis has been habitual across the entire Indian subcontinent for several centuries.

Propelling West Bengal into the arms of Islam by destroying its cultural identity was espoused by the imbecilic communist, Jyoti Basu, who was fond of vacationing in Ceausescu’s Romania, before the unceremonious execution of the murderous dictator and his wife. His descendants are now very wealthy, in the tradition of the rapacious business elites of contemporary China, whose interests in India and elsewhere so agitate treasonous Indian Leftists. West Bengal’s major political parties are now so dependent on Saudi-Pakistani financial succour, disbursed indirectly through third parties and in cash to individual party members that they operate primarily as their surrogates. West Bengal’s prominent newspapers are also straining to increase circulation across the border in Bangladesh and have evidently reached an understanding with Islamic leaders and refuse to report even the most egregious violations of the law by Muslims. It is of course an immense paradox that the remnants of the Bengali Hindu bhadrolok acquiesce in the transformation of their state, the cradle of India’s 19th century cultural renaissance and religious revival, into a fascistic Islamic medieval backwater.

(The writer is President, World Association of Hindu Academicians.)

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