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Source: Organiser - Weekly      Date: 12/25/2011 10:30:55 PM

VHP, BJP oppose religion
based reservation

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad and BJP have strongly opposed the move to grant reservation to Muslims through Lokpal or any other way.

In a statement issued on December 22, VHP international working president Dr Pravin Togadia said by manipulating public sentiments about Lokpal Bill, the Government of India and a few political parties are trying to push Muslim reservations in the name of minority reservations in Lokpal Committee. “It is a surreptitious way to cheat the people of Bharat into accepting Muslim reservations. Constitution does not allow religion-based reservations. Government and a few parties’ efforts to woo Muslims and capture their votes through such anti-constitutional moves for various elections is strongly opposed by the VHP as it will permanently hurt Hindus,” he said in the statement.

Dr Togadia said Muslims produce unlimited children in the name of their religion and demand reservations based on that excess percentage, which is mockery of the democracy. It is using Bharat’s democracy to kill Bharat’s democracy. Sachar Committee claims they are backward. It itself is a blatant lie and even if in some parts they may be so, it is thanks to their own unlimited children whose burden now they are trying to put on majority, and the government is forcing majority to bear costs of excess children of Muslims.

“Muslim reservation’s backdoor entry in the name of Lokpal Bill is the dirtiest conspiracy to create precedence for further amending the Constitution for religion-based reservations. Giving any percentage to Muslims and Christians even from the OBC/SC ST/NT quota is aimed at snatching education, jobs, bank loans and therefore life of majority Hindu youth and families. Now using Lokpal or elections, anyone tries to destroy the very fabric of Bharat and distort democracy by giving religion-based reservations any which way or any name, then VHP appeals to people to stand united irrespective of castes against it democratically and come forward for a strong peaceful agitation. This is only way for survival for Hindus now,” the statement said.

*    VHP warns agitation against backdoor entry of Muslim reservation through Lokpal or any other way
*    BJP describes reservation to Muslims as grave injustice to OBCs



Dr Gogadia said the VHP would announce its agitation plans immediately if any move of Muslim or Christian reservations is done. He appealed to all parties and the government to immediately withdraw any such proposals either from Lokpal Bill or in any other form, failing which the majority Aam Aadmi would take to streets democratically and peacefully.

Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra also severely criticised the myopic approach of the Congress party, Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party in their eagerness to appease the Muslims just before the Assembly elections in five states.

In a statement issued in New Delhi on December 22, Prof. Malhotra said the Congress Party is the front runner in this mad and blind race. “Rahul Gandhi’s assurance and advocacy to provide reservations to all Muslims and keep the madrasas out of the ambit of Right to Information Act is a step towards disintegration and balkanisation of the country. Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajwadi Party are openly advocating for reservations to Muslims on the grounds of religion and supporting the militants and separatists openly. This is not only ultra-virus to the Constitution but also anti-national,” the statement said.

Prof. Malhotra said the reservations provided to the backwards already include the backward communities of Muslims. And now  reservation to Muslims on the basis of religion which will include all the multi-millionaire Muslims along with backward class Muslims will be not only a grave injustice to all other backward communities but also insult to the Muslim community itself. Similarly, advocating the need to keep madrasas out of the purview of Right to Information Act is not only dangerous for the country’s security but also a serious social issue. Almost all the Muslim countries keep a strict vigil on their madrasas and imposed various types of restrictions on them.

According to most of the foreign and Indian Intelligence reports, Prof. Malhotra said, most of the madrasas in India are the breeding ground for militancy and anti-national activities. Notorious militants use these madrasas as their hide-outs and to run their activities in India. Many madrasas receive foreign donations and many madrasas have mushroomed in the border areas of many states touching international borders. With the revelations made by arrested militants, the true face of these madrasas has come out. Keeping all such madrasas out of the purview of Right to Information Act and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is very dangerous for the society and the country. Prof. Malhotra appealed to the voters to expose these pseudo-secularists and teach them a good lesson.      



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