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Source: Organiser - Weekly      Date: 12/25/2011 7:56:05 PM

Indianised Christians and crypto Christians

A ploy to destroy
Hindu culture?

By Dr Purushothama Bharathi

The views expresed here are of the author. Do you agree? There can be different views on adopting Indian systems and ways. One can look at it positively also. The readers are requested to react through the columns of Organiser.

During the last one year all Christian churches in Kerala Catholic, Jacobite, Marthomite or other denominations are installing flagstaff or Kodimaram in the front courtyard. The treachery in this act is that the design of the staff and the foundation structure on which the staff rests are all very similar to the ones adorning the precincts of great Hindu temples like Guruvayur, Vaikom, Ettumanur, Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple at Thiruvananthapuram, Sabarimala etc. The only difference observed, as one glances from the base upwards, is the presence of the Cross atop these structures.

Another instance of cheap copying is that of the Rudraksha, a very sacred bead of the Hindus. Rudraksha, in addition to being considered a religious symbol is believed to possess medicinal properties. Now-a-days Christians  largely wear necklace with crucifixes and rudraksha beaded together. Another blatant imitation is the use of tulasi beads also in making their rosaries.

The much adored and more recently controversial saffron or kaavi cloth being attributed to the so called ‘Hindu Terror’ also has been plagurised cleverly by the Christian priests, it is not uncommon to see many Christian priests to sport a saffron shawl over their regular cassock or loha, functioning from their monasteries that now are being called ashramams, another attempt to appeal to Hindu sentiments. Very recently, many viewers were shocked to see the file shots of the annual Malayattoor festival of the Christians, projecting scenes of all pilgrims wearing saffron dhotis and shirts.

All these instances point an accusing finger at the clergy which is involved in a deliberate, systematic and planned attempt to draw Hindu crowds to their religion and get converted to Christianity.

One of the auspicious symbols occupying a Hindu home in South India (Kerala and Tamil Nadu) is the Nilavilakku or traditional tall lamps with its glittering presence in any puja room. This lamp consumes gingely oil with a cotton wick or thiri which is lit. The oil lamp was sacrilegious to Christian dogmas and kept at arms length in churches and their homes. Some traditional Christians claiming ancestry to and upper caste Hindus in Kerala, called the Syrian Christians, nevertheless maintained the old Nilavilakkus in their homes. But it is a matter of surprise that the Church leadership is now giving all encouragement and patronage to these symbols whose mere sights were considered taboos by the high priests. There is active and strong encouragement systematically provided by the heads of various Christian denominations as an effective tool to harvest more souls to their religion from innocent Hindus.

Even the most Hinduised practice of yore, Vidhyaarambham, initiation of children into learning is being observed these days in most churches on Vijaydashmi day. The Guru places the young child on his lap and squats on the floor before a large round copper bowl containing rice. He then holds the toddler’s hand and using the pointing finger makes a writing on the rice, the holy letters of inspiration, Om Havil Shri MahaGanapathaye Namaha Avignamasthu. Later the Guru will mildly scratch the tongue of the infant with a golden ring with the words Om Hari Shri Maha   Ganapathaye Namaha Avignamasthu. All these rituals are conducted with well lit nilavillakus that are sacred witnesses to the holy ceremony. Now on Vijaydashmi day Christians are doing some mockery saying it is their Vidyarambham.

Hitherto all churches built in India followed the Gothic style of architecture in every aspect of its structure. This was highly resplendent of the worship places in Europe and other western countries. However, a visible departure from this pattern of construction is on the cards when churches propose to blindly imitate the unique architecture of the Hindu temples. Plenty of money is raised from within and abroad and used in extravagance to raise marvels in architecture only to impress and attract the weak and unwary Hindu mind. All these practices are meticulously adopted appropriately to perpetrate the Christian faith among the Hindu masses. The reward for the Pope is the large scale harvesting of souls in Hindu India.

If Hindus do not resist the ignoble move of the hijacking of Hindu symbols by the missionaries, eventually history would be rewritten to propagate that these symbols and icons of yore in India were all imbibed from Christian West. All symbols, practices and architecture of ancient India need to be well safeguarded as personal Hindu property by adopting Global Patent.

If the Hindus do not retaliate and resist the gross plagiarism by notorious Christian missionaries, a day is not far off when even Lord Jesus Christ would be addressed Mahadev. This is a term that technically does not characterise any ideology. Mahadeva in Sanskrit only conveys ‘Great Lord’ and can even be ideal foil for a secular addressing of God Almighty. But for the Hindus, there is only one Mahadeva and that is Lord Shiva. Some years ago, there was an instance of Christian missionaries in Malayasia addressing” Jesus as Allah to appeal to Muslim sentiments. This deceit was instantly recognised by the alert Muslims who left no stone unturned to give the warning that Jesus not be addressed thus. The matter ended then and there.

Hindus, by nature, in India are calm and non-fanatical in practicing their religion. They do not fiercely protect their faith or protest against such unholy designs and schemes to cause demeanour or insults to their religion.

Our beloved and patriotic leaders of RSS, should utilise the present corruption issue to overthrow the UPA Government as an opportunity to install a pro-Hindu Government using Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare. The Hindutva teeth of the RSS should be sharpened to win over the huge wave of enemies of Motherland.

In India, a firm action to protect our culture, the life spirit of the past, present and future generations are not effectively seen. The international Christian lobby, few weeks before dissected the African Nation, to make South Sudan a Christian country. If we are idle, our North Eastern parts may go that way in the near future.

Every year, hundreds of Christian mass prayer public meetings will be held in Kerala with the funds of foreign organisations. On the final day, the organisers of the meeting will exhibit a man/woman who claims in public that he/she had incurable diseases detected in leading hospital but he/she miraculously got cured due to prayers to Jesus Christ. But it is a fact that there are several Bishops reclining in Bishop Houses suffering from cancer and other incurable diseases and dying without being saved by the miracle of Jesus. Not only Bishops, hundreds of priests and nuns are also suffering from incurable diseases and slowly moving to death not saved by their Almighty Jesus. It is the fact that the Christian propagandists are fooling the poor and unintelluctual Hindus and get converted to Christianity.

I questioned a Christian why he was copying the symbols of Hinduism to which he replied that he is an Indian and is accepting the cultural symbols of India like saffron, rudraksha, flagstaff, temple lamp and architectural designs. Then I replied that if he was proud of being an Indian, he should accept the symbols of Hinduism and reject the foreign God (Jesus) to whom he has pledged his soul. Otherwise, his acts of copying the symbols of Hinduism/Indian Culture is only a camouflage to propagate Christianity. He got terribly annoyed and violent and simply left the scene.

(The writer can be contacted at Pala House, Dbra – 1A, Nanthencode, Thiruvananthapuram–695003, Kerala)


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