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Akhilesh competes with ‘Mullah’ Mulayam

In communalising UP Budget and committing atrocities on Hindus in Kosi Kalan

Dr SK Pandey from Lucknow

$img_titleUnlike the popular democratic governments which are “of the people, by the people and for the people”, what we have in UP is the unpopular and undemocratic government “of the Muslims, by the Muslims and for the Muslims”. The pro-Muslim budget presented in UP Assembly and atrocities on Hindus in Kosi Kalan on the same day are cases in point.
The manner in which Akhilesh Yadav has declared his solidarity with the Muslims, even before the polls, and started implementing his plans after becoming the CM, offering them the thousands of crores’ budget sops on a platter, the community seems to have gone berserk, as seen in the case of Kosi Kalan. Soon after finishing their Friday Namaz on the 1st June they not only mercilessly assaulted a Hindu youth in front of the mosque over a most trivial issue but, on being objected, also took to streets showing all their might. Loot and arson followed, destroying, rampaging and setting ablaze the shops and houses of their Hindu brethren in that area.
The Hindus reaction was seen when the Muslims started killing people and one innocent Sonu Saini was put to death in the process, more than a dozen were injured in the Muslims’ attack, and the property of Hindu shopkeepers worth crores of rupees was gutted in the arson. When they realised that the police too in the Samajwadi government have become insensitive and partisan in order to please their bosses, the Hindu community came forward, and with all their strength gave security to all regardless of their caste or religion in order to save them from the rioters. Had they not done so, large number of dead bodies of       Hindus (and Muslims too) would have been strewn on the streets of Kosi Kalan.
In fact, Nikasa locality of Kosi Kalan is dominated by Muslim criminals who keep illegal arms and ammunitions and no police officer has ever dared to conduct raids in that area. Moreover, there is 25 per cent Muslim population in the area, and they have proved that once they grow in number they make hell the life of Hindus in their area.
Akhilesh is following the footsteps of his father. We are reminded of Mulayam Singh Yadav’s regime when communal riots had erupted in Mau and Mukhtar Ansari as well as other criminals had their way, killing Hindus, raping Hindu women, looting their property and setting ablaze their houses, shops etc. And all this was well orchestrated in the protection of ‘Mulla’ Mulayam, the then UP Chief Minister.
Coincidently, the same day (on Friday) when the riot broke, UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Singh Yadav was showering sops on Muslims in UP Assembly, setting aside over Rs. 2,000 crore for the welfare of minorities.  The budget of 2012-13 is of Rs 2 lakh crore, which is 18 per cent higher than 2011-12 budget. In addition to making special allocations to fulfill the poll promises made by the Samajwadi Party before elections, the budgetary allocation for minority welfare, particularly Muslims, has been increased by 81 per cent in comparison to preceding year.
Apart from promoting education and creation employment opportunities for Muslims, it includes small provisions like Rs. 100 crore for assisting marriages of Muslim girls and Rs. 200 crore for maintenance of graveyards. Muslim constitute 20 per cent of UP’s population. Of 403 assembly constituency in UP, 140 have Muslim population over 30 per cent. Similarly, out of 80 Lok Sabha seats, 28 have Muslim population above 30 per cent. In assembly elections, Samajwadi Party won from 120 Muslim dominated seats. Of these 120 seats, 43 were won by Muslim candidates themselves. The party wants to capture most of the Muslim dominated Lok Sabha seats in 2014 general elections.
Now in Kosi Kalan, those who tried to protect the Hindu families from the onslaught of Muslim rioters have been booked under various sections of the IPC. The fact is that all the peace-loving citizens came out to give a protection cover to innocent people regardless of their caste and religion. Even the Samajwadi Party district unit led by its president Govind Singh was struggling to protect Hindus, followed by the Bahujan Samaj Party leader Chaudhry Laxmi Narain Singh, who along with his MLC brother are among 171 names in the nine named FIRs.
Agriculture Minister in the previous BSP regime, Choudhary Laxmi Narayan and his brother Lekhraj Choudhary, an MLC, have been charged with armed assault, instigating violence, loot, arson, attempt to murder and conspiracy. Surprisingly, Lekhraj Chowdhary has been implicated even though he was attending Assembly at the time of riots. The Bahujan Samaj Party and the BJP demanded action against those who were actually responsible for the reprehensible deeds. It is feared that the Hindu social workers and community leaders will be booked by the police and false charges will be framed against them to please the Muslim community.
When the district administration tried to do justice and take appropriate action against the real culprits, Syed Ahmed Bukhari, the Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid accused the government and said he will give a second thought on supporting the party in the forthcoming municipal elections and 2014 general polls. Bukhari said he wanted to meet members of the affected Muslim community there, but was not allowed to enter the area. “Unless officials are told in clear terms that Muslims are supporters of SP and that they have voted for SP and therefore their rights and lives should be protected, such incidents will recur,” Bukhari added.
Consequently, the transfer of DM Sanjay Kumar, SSP Dharmveer, SDM, CO, and SO has been ordered by the state government. Bukhari said that officials’ transfers were ordered only after he spoke to SP president Mulayam Singh Yadav. “It was too late. They should have been suspended, only then would the message have gone down well”, he said.
We may recall that Bukhari had his way when his son-in-law Umar Ali Khan was made an MLC, and another relative Waseem Ahmed Khan was appointed chairman of the UP Pollution Control Board despite the objections of Minorities Welfare Minister Azam Khan.
In all four persons were killed and more than 36 others injured in the communal clashes that broke out. Goods worth Rs50 crore have been looted or burnt form furniture, electronic and textile shops. People are so scared that they are not coming out even after relaxation in the curfew. District authorities deployed additional security forces to cut off Kosi Kalan from the rural belt and areas close to the Haryana border. The security forces had been deployed along the national highway to ensure that the trouble did not spill over to hinder traffic to Agra from Delhi.
The District Magistrate and the Senior Superintendent of Police appealed to people not to be swayed by rumours and help the administration restore normalcy at the earliest. The officials told the media that the situation was under control. Additional Director General of Police Jagmohan Yadav also reached Kosi Kalan and reviewed the situation. The area had been divided into three zones and 12 sectors for effective patrolling by security agencies. The Uttar Pradesh government has asked all districts to be on alert to prevent any spread of the communal violence.
Initially, with the people blocking the narrow lanes police found it difficult to control the rioting mob. People from neighbouring villages also rushed to Kosi Kalan to take sides, which further worsened the problem. With four battalions of rapid action force and eight battalions of PAC, the entire area has turned into a fortress. Calm has returned to the town but the need of the hour is to restore faith in the system, so that even when the forces leave peace and harmony continue to remain Kosi Kalan town.

Mani boast, VS self-criticism, legal action expose comrades' murder politics

Kerala Newsletter

“Killing as part of CPM strategy”

S Chandrasekhar

The brutal butchering of TP Chandrasekharan has struck at the roots of the CPM, plunging it into the deepest crisis, since the inception of communist movement in Kerala since 1940s. Rebel and popular CPM leader of Onchiyam, in Badagara, in Kozhikode district, Chandrasekharan was expelled from CPM and he formed the Revolutionary Marxist Party (RMP).
RMP was able to inflict heavy losses to CPM in consecutive polls since 2009. Media reports say CPM had made nine attempts, since then to kill Chandrasekharan, but he miraculously survived. Chandrase-kharan was not lucky on 4 May, when a seven members hit squad butchered him at 10.40 pm, near his home in Onchiyam, with 51 cuts and face totally mutilated.
The resultant effect has inflicted worst damages on CPM than what Chandrasekharan would have done. Entire Kerala, forgetting party loyalties paid homage to this mass hero. VS Atchudanandan, Ex-CM, Opposition Leader and bete-noire of CPM State Secretary Pinarayi Vijayan, laid wreath on his body and described him as a ‘Brave Communist’.
Angered by Atchudanandan  describing Chandrasekharan as a brave communist, Pinarayi called the martyred Chandrasekharan a ‘Traitor’. This was condemned by media and several parties, but Pinarayi struck to his stand. Atchudanandan hit back at Pinarayi by saying he is not the final word in CPM and that many, including him, consider Chandrasekharan as a brave communist. He went on to say Pinarayi will meet the same fate of SA Dange who autocratically expelled one third of the central committee members in 1964, paving the way for CPM formation. Later the same Dange was expelled by CPI.  Atchudanandan fired another bomb against Pinarayi by writing to Karat, Yechuri, for revamp and leadership change in Kerala. If not, he said, he was not interested in continuing in Opposition Leader’s post. In a final hammer blow to Pinarayi dominated CPM, Atchudanandan on June 2, when CPM/LDF was facing a crucial by-poll in Neyyatinkara, visited the house of Chandrase-kharan and offered condolences to his wife, son and mother among a sea of RMP and CPM supporters. He also offered flowers at Chandrasekharan’s burial place. There are ground reports that Atchudanandan’s visit on poll day to Chandrasekharan’s house, was a signal to his supporters to vote against CPM in the crucial Neyyatinkara by-poll. Atchuda-nandan feels that if CPM loses there, Pinarayi’s position will be shaky.
In another severe set-back to CPM, MM Mani, the CPM strongman in Idukki district for 26 years, boasted at a CPM rally that the party was in the habit of preparing hit-list and eliminating its opponents. He ranted that one was shot dead, another stabbed and a third beaten to death. He continued making vulgar comments against renowned writer and Jnyanapeet Award Winner Mahaswetha Devi, who visited Chandrasekharan’s wife Rema. Media reports say that between 1980 and 1995 almost seven Congress/BJP workers were murdered in Idukki. Based on Mani’s disclosure, he has been charged with IPC 302 (Murder), Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been constituted and he been summoned. Mani also attacked Atchudanandan for creating problems for Pinarayi and calling Chandrasekharan a true communist. Mahaswetha Devi has written to Pinarayi against Mani’s outbursts and CPI has complained to DGP/Home Minister. Karat has hinted at action against him for his ‘Loud Mouth Boast’. The State CPM has also contemplated action. Mani who was in hiding ever since his boast, surfaced on June 3rd and the Idukki CPM has indicated that it will resist party and police action against Mani who built the CPM there in past 50 years. Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, said, Mani is speaking the language of terrorist and that 250 odd Sangh and BJP brave-hearts here have fallen to the swords of Mani like, CPM men. CPI State Secretary Panyan Raveendran has given indications to the CPM that if Mani is let loose, the CPM led LDF will have to bear people’s ire.
Police have registered cases against MM Mani in the murder of Congress activist Baby in 1982. Although the State CPM has also indicated of taking action against Mani, Idukki CPM and Mani are defiant and belligerent. While former CPM ideologue Berlin Kunjanan-than Nair has opined that cpm is practising primitive and corporatised communism, CPI State Secretary described Mani as a person devoid of basic communist trait of humanism and of having a killer mindset.
Investigations by SIT do not bring any cheers for the CPM and it is cornered and desperate. The Innova car used by the hit- gang has been found abandoned in CPM stronghold of Chokli. The swords, axes used for the savagery have been confiscated from a well in the same Chokli. Rafeek who took the car on rent is in police custody. Rafeek had handed over this car to Kodi Suni who usually does hit jobs for CPM. Several RSS/BJP men have fallen prey to Kodi Suni and his gang.
The SIT is progressing on the clear leads that it was Kodi Suni’s gang which killed Chandrasekharan and the conspiracy was hatched at the wedding function of Andhery Sura’s daughter of April 22. Sura, a CPM prisoner is now back in jail after parole. The attack was planned on May 2 and rooms were booked for the hit game and 50 sim cards, 20 phones were arranged. But as TPC was not alone, he was  butchered only on 4.
Almost two dozen top leaders of CPM from Onchiyam, Orkatery and adjoining Kannur are in police net including ex-NGO  Union  State Secretary and Onchiyam Area Secretary CH Asokan. Police have spread net for thirteen CPM men including KP Kunjananthan of Panoor who acted as link between CPM and hit squad.
Shijith, a member of the seven-man hit squad who was injured in  the melee and was treated in hospitals in Kannur and who escaped to Mysore has been arrested. Police teams are in Mumbai to arrest Shinoj who is in the custody of CPM supporters. Wide net has been spread for Kodi Suni and Rajeesh, who were also behind butchery of many RSS cadres in Kannur. Abzal who had supplied sim-cards to the hit squad using fake ID cards has been arrested.
For several years, RSS has been warning that Kannur Central Jail is a CPM party village. Several RSS men have been attacked here. Home Minister T Radhakrishnan had a first hand experience when he visited Block 5 and 8 of the prison recently. The walls were plastered with pictures of CPM leaders, flags, memorials for martyrs, separate kitchen, TV and mobiles. Mobile jammers and cameras were found destroyed. The jail staff and officials fearing CPM, had given them a free hand
The cornered CPM is letting loose its ire on the Media and Police. Kannur strongman MV Jayarajan embarked on a day-long sit-in outside Koothuparambu Police Station demanding an area committee member’s release. Former Minister Elamaram Kareem have several times threatened the police officers and families of the SIT and cases have been slapped against him. Several CPM leaders have been continuously attacking the SIT officials and spreading false rumours to intimidate and weaken them. CPM has also filed cases in Kerala High Court for contempt proceedings against medias and channels.
In a major deviation, the police is launching foolproof and scientific investigation in the Chandrase-kharan murder. Earlier whenever a murder takes place, the CPM produces some accused. During trial, some are convicted and some released.
BJP has demanded re- investigation into the murder of its top leaders KT Jayakrishnan and Pannyanoor Chandran, both of Kannur.
Chandrasekharan’s assassination has been giving nightmares and sleepless nights to CPM, than Chandrasekharan alive. Thousands of CPM supporters are flocking to Chandrasekharan’s house and condolence meetings being organised throughout Kerala, shaking the CPM at the grass roots.
Apart from Chandrasekharan murder and Mani’s murder boast, two other murders are haunting CPM. The CBI has informed the High Court that CPM is resisting arrest of two CPM leaders involved in Fazal murder case. Fazal, a CPM activist who joined jehadi NDF was murdered by CPM goons. CPM tried to put blame on the RSS, but investigations proved that CPM was the culprit. Similarly two dozen CPM cadres have been charged with the murder of Muslim League activist Shukoor, whose only crime was that he blocked the car of CPM Kannur Secretary P Jayarajan.

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