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Now a ploy to privatise water

$img_titleEven before the cry against hike in power tariffs had died down, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on July 3 dropped another bombshell, which is likely to lead to rise in water prices. She said privatisation of water distribution system has become necessary and the government has decided to privatise water across the national capital. “People must be made to ‘pay for every drop’ of water they use so that they know the value of the scarce resource,” she said.

Clearly indicating that the water tariff may go up she said: “Privatisation of water distribution is definitely necessary in Delhi. We want to replicate the same model in Delhi Jal Board (DJB) that we have used in the privatisation of power distribution.”

A Board meeting of DJB in November last year had decided to involve private sector in water distribution, management and maintenance in Malaviya Nagar, Vasant Vihar and Nangloi areas under public-private partnership mode. The government also initiated reform in water billing and installation of meters by involving IT major TCS.

Leader of Opposition Prof VK Malhotra termed the move to privatise water as “a cruel joke with the people of Delhi”. He alleged that there seemed to be a “method in the madness” in the move since it was meant to help the “water mafia” and its supporters.

“The water mafia will not only hike the charges, but will also systematically grab the land worth hundreds of crores belonging to DJB. The decision to privatise the distribution and management of water is a betrayal of the common citizen and will lead to chaos and law and order situation,” he said adding that the BJP would strongly oppose it.

Delhi has been grappling with severe water shortage mainly due to huge gap in demand and supply and leakage in water distribution network. The current average demand of potable water here is around 1,100 mgd per day and the DJB supplies around 800 mgd water. However, 40 per cent of this water is said to be wasted away. The Chief Minister herself is chairperson of the DJB. Now handing it over to private parties proves her total failure.

Delhi BJP President Shri Vijender Gupta appealed to all citizens of Delhi to unitedly oppose the privatisaton of water supply and warned that they may have to face even worse situation for water also as they are facing for electricity.

SP protects rapists of minor Hindu girl

Dr SK Pandey from Lucknow

A gruesome murder after gang-rape was committed on a minor Hindu girl by four Muslim youths in Asthan village under Nawabganj police station of Pratapgarh district about 65 kms from the district headquarters.

This is how it all came to light: A minor Hindu girl aged 12 disappeared in the evening of 21st June while she was going to the fields where her mother was working. She could not be found anywhere and the desolate parents kept on looking for her the whole night.

Only the next morning on 22nd June the dead-body of the girl was found in the nearby deserts at a secluded place. That created furore in the village and the police rushed in. Meanwhile, another minor girl informed everyone that she had seen. The girl on the scene of the crime surrounded by the four youths – Imran, Farhan, Taufeek and Saif – of Deehe, a small hamlet near Asthan village. She also revealed that she had heard the cries of Rekha, but she was so scared that she did not reveal anything. Some other people also informed that they had seen these four young men going to and coming from that area where the dead-body was found.

The parents insisted on named FIR under sections 376, 302, 201 of IPC including section 310 of the SC/ST Act, but the police was dithering on the matter. On 23rd June the dead-body reached the village and the entire village community gathered for the last rites. Meanwhile it came to light that the police had not taken any action till then against the accused, and that they are being treated softly by the officials at the police station, and that they have not been sent to jail so far. It was being alleged that the police feels helpless because the culprits belong to the Muslim community and that the government has given secret instructions to protect the members of the Muslim community in any situation.

Ultimately, the villagers of Asthan village lost their patience and set ablaze the houses of four accused and later the angry mob torched the entire village. Almost the entire hamlet Deehe, with more than two dozen houses were gutted in fire and property worth several lacs was destroyed. Only the pucca houses remained in a charred condition.

Even though the IG, DIG, DM and SP had reached the spot trying to rescue the people, the angry protesters did not allow the fire brigade and the police to enter the village for about two hours. Most of the villagers had left the village earlier, as they had sensed the danger. They took shelter in some madarsa and mosque near Kunda.

After the incident of violence and arson the police, however, swung into action and sent the accused to jail, after lodging proper named FIR. But now they started intimidating and threatening the Hindu community, sending some of them to jail for committing violence and arson. The Hindu organisations have threatened to launch state-wide stir, if innocent people are led to harassment and mistreatment.

Shri Manoj Srivastava, the Organising Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, visited the village and assured the Hindu brethren that they will be given all possible support. He also announced that the case of the minor Hindu girl will be taken up by them in the court, and it will be ensured that the guilty are brought to books.

Meanwhile, instead of punishing the culprits the police arrested the protesting Hindus. Till the time going to press, they had not been released.

Statewide protests against Congress surrender to Muslim League


Rs 625 crore for aided status to 35 madrasa-linked schools

S Chandrasekhar

The Oommen Chandy regime’s move to accord aided status to 35 madrasa-linked schools owned by Muslim League leaders and Trusts have evoked widespread protest throughout Kerala. The Muslim League and Chief Minister lied to Kerala, when they said the addition commitment of the state is only Rs 52 crore. Now media reports have come out that the additional commitment is approximately Rs 52 crore per month, i.e. an annual commitment of a whooping Rs 625 crore, a burden to be borne by the poor Hindu taxpayers of Kerala.

$img_titleFollowed by BJP, NSS, SNDP and CPM, opposition is also coming from right thinking Congress leaders. Pro-Congress Students Union (KSU) and Teachers Union have come out against this move to appease Muslim League. KPCC president Ramesh Chennithala is wild that cabinet has decided on this without discussing in KPCC and UDF. Other constituents of UDF including Kerala Congress, whose Finance Minister KM Mani’s department has opposed this move, have come out against this outrageous move. The church, which also owns hundreds of educational institutions, has opposed this.

The entire opposition led by VS Atchudanandan walked out from Kerala Assembly, protesting the decision. They said the UDF which is still grappling with the political calamity due to 5th Ministership given to Muslim League is scratching its head with fire by inciting socio-political polarisation. They continued that the departments headed by Muslim League like Education, PWD, Industries, Local Administration are catering only to the Muslims of Kerala.

ABVP and BJYM workers, who blocked Education Minister Abdu Rabb, were brutally lathicharged. The BJP organised a massive protest outside the Secretariat on June 30. The leaders charged that Congress has disgraced Kerala by surrendering to Muslim League. They said Kerala is not ruled from Thiruvananthapuram, but from Panakkad in Malappuram, the residence of Muslim League president Hyder Ali Thangal.

“Oommen Chandy and Ramesh Chennithala have become mute witnesses with total surrender to Muslim League. Oommen Chandy has to get nod from Panakkad for every decision. The parallel administration is spreading unrest, destroying Kerala’s fragile social fabric and education sector. Over and above the Calicut University and upcoming Amu Campus, the English and Malayalam Universities are proposed to come in Malappuram. 40 acres of government land has been allotted for English University in Panakkad and land is being allotted for the Malayalam Varsity at Aazvanchery in Malappuram. Local Self Governments have been directed to contribute crores of rupees to a Trust in the name of late Muslim League leader CH Mohammed Koya. The departments ruled by Muslim League have been packed with Muslim officials,” they charged.

NSS accused the UDF of appeasing minorities and asked the Muslim League to be divested of Education portfolio, since there is anarchy in the Department. The SNDP general secretary has cautioned that unbridled power at the hands of Muslim League is dangerous for future Kerala. He has opined that weakening of CPM, will only strengthen Muslim League.

There is immense pressure on UDF to reconsider its decision as Congress leaders feel UDF is getting isolated in a fast-polarising socio-political situation. The UDF met on July 4. There are reports that there is pressure on Muslim League, not be press further in the face of mounting protests. With 22 MLAs, 5 Ministers, a Minister of State at Delhi who is dreaming of Cabinet Ministership in the reshuffle (E Ahmed), and control over 60 per cent of Kerala’s budget, it remains to be seen whether League will press further and get isolated. After disputed structure destruction in Ayodhya, it moved away from Congress, but left in the lurch, it silently walked back into Congress camp. The Muslim League wants the Congress, than the reverse. The earlier Congress forsakes Jawaharlal Lal Nehru’s dead horse, Muslim League, the better.

To what extend the Muslim League can go to pursue its agenda was demonstrated when a Muslim Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) Project officer Aliyar asked the lady teachers to come in green blouses and Kerala sarees for a function to be attended by Education Minister Abdu Rabb! Following BJP, CPM protests Aliyar has been suspended and enquiry ordered.

A treasonous document promoting separatist mindset

Seminar on J&K Interlocutors’ Report in Hyderabad, Bengaluru

N Nagaraja Rao from Hyderabad

$img_titleSocial Cause & Jammu Kashmir Study Centre, Hyderabad Chapter, organised a seminar on J&K Interlocutors’ Report on July 1 at Sundaraiah Vignana Kendram. Addressing the gathering chief spokesperson of J&K BJP Shri Jitendra Singh said freedom and separatism are the political weapons in Jammu & Kashmir and they are used whenever it is convenient by the vested interests.

Shri Singh reminded that one of the Interlocutors, Dileep Padgaonkar, was too intelligent to submit a report out of ignorance. Questioning the very locus standi of the Interlocutors, he recalled that the BJP had in fact demanded the resignation and disbanding of the Committee after they were seen enjoying luxurious hospitality of ISI agent Ghulam Nabi Fai before submitting their report!

In the beginning, Shri Madhabushi Sreedhar regretted the very constitution of the Committee and declared that it does not have a conceptual clarity. It appears Government of India has its own vested interests in seeking a report as it desired. He recalled a quote that said “if rulers are not committed they appoint committees”. Needless to say the rulers do not want to resolve the issue at hand and only the good governance keeps the issues of regional imbalances at bay, he added. Welcoming the audience Shri Raka Sudhakar, Input Editor of Saakshi Telugu daily dubbed the report as one more step to misguidance.

A similar seminar was organised by Citizens for Democracy at Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs in Bengaluru on June 30. Addressing the gathering Shri Jitendra Singh said the  interlocutors’ report is against national interest, which would break the democratic integrity of the nation.

“The interlocutors do not even consider nationalist people including 10 lakh Pok refugees uprooted in 1947, 4 lakh west Pak refugees of 1947, 4 lakh Kashmiri Pandits living in exile since 1990, terror victims of Jammu, Ladakh and even Gujjar, Shia Pahari Muslim as stakeholders for final solution of dispute,”  Shri Singh said.

He said no specific recommendation for PoK refugees, Kashmir Pandits and terror affected people of Jammu region has been made by the interlocutors. “They failed to discuss the real causes of terrorism and forced migration of Hindus from Kashmir valley in 1990. They do not discuss, what is the effect of Union laws not extended in the state due to Constitutional abuse of Article 370. People of weaker sections including SCs, STs, OBCs, refugees etc, are not getting there due share but they cannot draw attention of the interlocutors. All the recommendations of the interlocutors will ultimately lead to reversal of process of integration of J&K with India started in 1953 after martyrdom of Dr Mookerjee.” Shri Singh added.

Senior journalist, Shri RK Mattoo, presided over the seminar. In different sessions of the seminar, a talk on ‘Article 370 and Discrimination in J&K’ was delivered by noted advocate Shri Vikram Phadke. Memeber of Parliament from Uttara Kannada, Sri Anant Kumar Hegde, spoke on Roots of Separatism. A talk on The imbroglios at Pak occupied Kashmir’ was delivered by Shri Prashant Vaidyaraj, an IT professional. The programme was attended by select intellectuals and students.

(With inputs from Rajesh Padmar in Bengaluru)

End game for CPM murder politics?

Murders, sex scandals, civil war rocking CPM

S Chandrasekhar

Thanks to CPM, Pranab Dada, is dreaming of Presidentship and thanks to Pranab Dada, the CPM ruled in West Bengal happily for 34 years. It needed a fighter in Mamata to dislodge the CPM fort. But in Kerala, a single murder, that of rebel CPM leader, TP Chandrasekharan (TPC) has turned into a nightmare for the party. Coupled with Fazal and Shukoor murders and sex scandals of its Kochi strongman Gopi Katamurickal the CPM is on the run and desperate. Skeletons have started tumbling out of its Kannur cupboard, with re-probe on, into the murder of BJYM brave heart KT Jayakrishnan and Chief Minister Oommen Chandy assuring Jayakrishnan’s mother Kausala that CBI probe will be requested by Kerala.

Thanks to the determination of Kerala Home Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan, who is hell-bent on baring CPM’s murder politics, 55 leaders, cadres and hit-men of the party are in custody, for the brutal murder of TPC on May 4th.

Kodi Suni, Kirmani Manoj and Mohammed Shaji, three of the seven hit-men who butchered TPC were arrested from a dense forest behind a CPM controlled village. Together with Rajeesh, Shijith and Anoop who were arrested earlier, six of the seven are in custody. Relentless search is going on for the last Shinoj. Although CPM Kannur leader PK Kunjananthan went into hiding for almost 50 days, the SIT forced his surrender in the Badagara court. Media reports say that police have come to the conclusion that Kunjanathan acted as the link between killer gang and CPM leadership. The conspiracy to kill TPC was hatched at Kunjananthan’s house and the killer gang was present there. Based on Kunjananthan’s confessions, CPM Kozhikode leader P Mohanan has also been arrested. The CPM attacked the badagara court and organised a bandh against Mohanan’s arrest. Reports say that Mohanan had frequently interacted with Kunjananthan. He had given the final elimination order from CPM leadership to Kunjananthan INI TPC VENDA (TPC need not live hereafter).

The SIT has also arrested Kannur CPM Secretary P Jayarajan’s close relative EM Shaji in this case. Media reports say that SIT has its eyes plucked on P Jayarajan and it may move up, even to the top leadership of CPM in Kerala. P Jayarajan’s son was injured while making bombs and there are reports that he is on treatment, outside Kerala. KK Ragesh, former SFI National President has been summoned by SIT, for role in TPC’s murder.

Based on Home Minister’s instructions, photos of CPM leaders kept in jails of Kerala have been removed and CPM prisoners of Block 8 in Kannur Jail (a CPM Village) have been sent to other jails of Kerala.

Let us hope murder politics comes to an end in Kerala.

An initiative to develop new economic models


First World Hindu Economic Forum in Hong Kong

From Our Correspondent

Mauritian Vice-Prime Minister, Shri Anil Kumar Bachoo inaugurated the first World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF), which was held in Hong Kong from June 30 to July 1. During his inaugural speech , he emphasised on the need to develop new economic models, which are sustainable and generate wealth for eradicating poverty, creating employment, and reducing environmental degradation, since prevalent models are collapsing across the world, leading to global political instability and increasing disparity between the rich and poor as well as leading to environmental degradation.

$img_titleWHEF has been established to make society prosperous through the generation and sharing of surplus wealth. The Forum facilitates sharing of knowledge through reputed economic thinkers and well established business persons of the world. The Forum also provides a common platform for strategic and management professionals, industrialists, traders, bankers, investors, technocrats, scientists and economists for creating a prosperous global society and eradicating human misery across the world.

WHEF-2012 was attended by over 250 prominent business persons, industrialists, economists, bankers, international traders, and business association leaders from different countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and Pacific region.

Dr Subramanian Swamy former Union Minister of Commerce and Law in the Government of Bharat, an alumnus and professor of the Harvard University, delivered the keynote address at the Forum. In his speech, he argued that the world needs a new economic agenda and business ethical framework in lieu of current greed-based model, which will not only propel and expand global economies.

Dr Gautam Sen who taught Politics of the World Economy at the Department of International Relations, London School of Economics & Political Science, emphasised the need to organise Hindu economy not only for creating wealth, but also for promoting economic equity across the world and help underdeveloped countries, and communities.

Dr R Vaidyanathan, Professor of Finance at IIM, Bengaluru, elaborated on the linkages between the ongoing economic crisis in the Western world and the breakdown of the institution of family in Western societies. He saw these crises as an opportunity for reinventing global economic model, which is more feminine, eco-friendly, relationship driven and community oriented.

Shri Subhash Thakrar, Chairman London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, briefed the Forum on emerging sectors of business in current turbulent world. He identified Africa as the next area, which could witness significant economic growth and boom.

The Forum held extended discussions on the immediate and long-term goals in context of needs of the global economy. Towards this end, it resolved to set-up an institutional framework with cross-continental footprint, which will provide market intelligence to people interested in furthering the goals of the Forum. Such a framework will also network millions of existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Forum also intently listened to Dr G Madhavan Nair, ex-Chief of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and head of Chandrayaan (Bharat Moon Mission) on how innovations in aerospace technologies is opening up new markets, wide range of products, and economic possibilities.

Dr Vijay Bhatkar, ex-Director, Centre for Developing Advanced Computing, and inventor of PARAM supercomputer made a very strong case for investing in innovation and education as these will be the two factors, which will separate successful business ventures from unsuccessful ones.

Shri DN Kulkarni from Jain Irrigation, a global leader in drip-irrigation technology, explained how helping the marginal farmer by providing best technology and expertise at affordable prices is not only a commercially sound practice, but can also create mass-scale prosperity globally. Shri Bhanwarlal Jain started his company on a modest six-acre patch of arid land, and today he runs a MNC with operations in 120 countries with a turnover of over 800 million USD.

The Forum has also launched Young Hindu Business Leader Forum, which will offer diverse services to aspiring entrepreneurs in areas pertaining to mentoring, capital access, training, networking, internships and market research. Young Hindu Business Leader Forum will hold its first meeting in Mumbai in January 2013.

The Forum held several panel discussions covering topics as diverse as ‘Developing Global Economy’, ‘Making Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Successful in the Global Market Place’, ‘Mega Trends in the Global Economy and Future Prospects’ and ‘Mantra for a Successful Business Enterprise’.

The Forum’s meeting at Hong Kong was a grand success and all the delegates and speakers were inspired and interested in furthering the cause of World Hindu Economic Forum. The Forum will meet next in Bangkok in 2013.               


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